Discount of 30 euros on the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 stabilizer

This type of stabilizers has become very fashionable, since the contents to social networks try to upload more and more care. In addition, there are photography professionals who already use their mobile as a complementary tool for their work team. Therefore, DJI’s Osmo Mobile 3 enables stable video recording and very fluid reducing tremors. It is also light and has an excellent response capacity with which it can follow your movements in real time.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 in hand

Videos like never before

Its operation is possible thanks to a three-axis stabilization mechanism that eliminates vibrations. This means that the Osmo Mobile 3 guarantees clear and smoother footage. It is perfect for use over long periods of time, as it has an ergonomic grip that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. One-hand control is guaranteed, thanks to its button layout. Almost all functions can be activated with a single finger using the joystick, intuitive buttons and the quick menu. The stabilizer has a Sport mode, perfect for stably capturing the fastest movements. From the decisive actions of a football game, a dog chasing a ball or ourselves running alongside another person.

This is a compact stabilizer, with dimensions of 285 × 125 × 103 mm when open and 157 × 130 × 46 mm in closed mode. Its weight is 405 grams, which makes it portable and can be carried anywhere. The Osmo Mobile 3 It has smart modes and new shooting algorithms. These modes include “ActiveTrack”, it recognizes selected subjects and follows them, and “FaceTrack”, which starts automatically when you enter Selfie mode, always keeps it in the center of the frame. For more complete recording, the DJI Mimo app can be used. This software is packed with tutorials, templates and smart modes with which you can explore all the functions of the Osmo Mobile 3.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 in hand 01

At the best price on Amazon

The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 stabilizer It has an official price of 109 euros. However, at the moment it is available to buy on Amazon for 79 euros. This means a saving of 30 euros on its usual price or what is the same, a discount of 28%. In this case, Amazon Prime customers also include shipping or the possibility of paying in installments. The stabilizer can return to its usual price at any time, so now may be the ideal opportunity to get this quality stabilizer.

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