‘Disaster Girl’ meme sells as NFT for $ 500,000

MADRID, April 30 (2021) –

The protagonist of meme known as ‘Disaster Girl’, the American Zoë Roth, in which she appears as a child smiling in front of a burning building, has sold his popular image in NFT format for $ 500,000 (415,000 euros to change).

NFT, acronym for non-fungible token, is a technology based on ‘blockchain’ that guarantees the authenticity of a file in digital format as a work of art, as well as who is its owner.

Roth, now 21, became a familiar face on the internet as a child, in 2005, when her father photographed her smiling in front of a burning building. The photograph was published in 2007 and became a meme, known as ‘Disaster Girl’, in which the girl’s face is shown along with different catastrophes.

This image has been sold as NFT by 180 units of the cryptocurrency Ether, which are equivalent to the current change to 415,000 euros, in an auction that took place on April 17, according to The New York Times (NYT).

The buyer of the ‘Disaster Girl’ meme is 3F Music, a Dubai-based music studio, who recently bought other NFTs like the psychopathic girlfriend meme (‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’), for $ 411,000, or the meta column NYT in NFT, for $ 560,000.

Despite the sale, the Roth family owns the copyright to the work and will receive 10 percent of what is obtained in future sales.

Before the auction, Roth consulted with the protagonist of another meme, Kyle Craven, known on the internet as ‘Bad Luck Brian’, who advised him to sell it, like other memes recently like him and Nyan Cat (the latter, sold for $ 600,000).

Recently, the NFT format has been used to sell for 69 million euros a digital artwork by artist Beeple, while the Japanese video game studio SEGA has announced that will sell as works of art images and the soundtrack of its classic video games.

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