‘Disappearance mode’ on WhatsApp: This is what it will look like

A few months ago it became known that WhatsApp I was working on the new ‘Disappearing mode’, a tool that will increase the security and privacy of users within the app. However, few details had been revealed so far, whose characteristics have just been leaked and here we tell you all about it.

What is WhatsApp’s ‘Disappearing Mode’ and how will it work?

The WhatsApp ‘disappearance mode’ It will improve the function of the messages that self-destruct within the entire platform, since it is an option that will allow you to assign an expiration time to all the messages you send to any of your contacts. This means that after a certain time, all conversations will be deleted from your account forever.

WABetaInfo revealed new details about WhatsApp's 'Disappearance Mode' - Hola Telcel blog
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According to information shared by WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp ‘disappearance mode’ It will be a new function that can be used in all chats at the same time. In addition, it can be activated from the ‘Settings’ or ‘Setting’, as part of the privacy tools that have been implemented.

The 'Disappearance mode' of WhatsApp will be activated from the Settings - Blog Hola Telcel

What are the benefits of ‘Vanishing Mode’?

Thanks to WhatsApp ‘disappearance mode’, all messages and conversations will become fleeting or self-destructive. That is, they will be completely erased automatically after seven days.

This will avoid activating the messages that self-destruct from time to time and all traces of important information that is shared through the app will disappear. It will work as an effective privacy method so that nobody keeps messages or multimedia content that you do not want.

Thanks to the 'Disappearance Mode' of WhatsApp, all messages and conversations will become ephemeral or self-destructive - Hello Telcel blog

What’s more, WABetaInfo also confirmed that by having activated the ‘Disappearing Mode’, WhatsApp will notify you through alerts at the top of the screen that soon all your messages will be deleted, unless you deactivate the new function to keep them.

JLo with his phone receiving notifications from WhatsApp's 'Disappearance Mode' - Hola Telcel blog

At the moment, WhatsApp’s ‘Disappearance Mode’ is only available in the beta version of the app, but it is expected that it will be officially integrated into the platform very soon so that the more than two billion users can make use of it. her. Something that you can also enjoy thanks to your Unlimited Friend Refills, which provide you with unlimited social networks, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger and Snapchat, with the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

  In addition to the 'Disappearance mode', new functions are coming to WhatsApp.- Hello Telcel blog

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Many more features, in addition to ‘Disappearing Mode’, are yet to come to WhatsApp. If you want to be one of the first to know all the details, then do not forget to be aware of Hello Telcel, where we share everything about your favorite instant messaging app. 😉

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