Digital Whiteboards for Kids – Cheap Models for Painting and Drawing

Yes, the truth is that nowadays, the smallest of the house every time begin to handle smart devices before, but without a doubt it is not highly recommended that they spend many hours using their mobile or tablet. Therefore, having a digital whiteboard allows children to entertain themselves and develop their artistic skills at the same time as have a good time, learn or practice new skills.

The truth is that in addition to drawing, digital boards allow children to develop artistic skills and help them with learning to read and write a very fun and comfortable way. And it is that with this type of device it is no longer necessary to have drawers full of painted papers.

If you are thinking of buying a digital whiteboard for your children or as a gift for your nephew, grandson or the son of a friend, there are certain details that you should take into account when choosing one. On one side is the size of the blackboard, which provides a larger or smaller surface to write, paint or draw. Now, depending on the age of each child, certain sizes can be difficult to handle, so we must find a size that is consistent with the age or skills of each child.

It is also convenient to review other characteristics, such as whether it is pressure sensitive that the child exercises when painting, writing or drawing and that the line is thinner or thicker depending on it, that allows drawing in different colors, price, etc.

Digital boards to give to your children


Blackboard with 15-inch pressure-sensitive LCD screen. It can be used as a drawing board for children or as school learning, messages, notes, etc. It has a delete key, screen lock button and even allows us to save what we are doing to avoid accidental deletion. It measures 30.5 x 0.8 x 24.5 cm and weighs 390 grams.

Richgv 15 digital whiteboard


Writing tablet or digital whiteboard with a 12-inch pressure-sensitive screen to be able to write thinner or thicker lines depending on what we press with the pencil. It has an delete button to have a new blank sheet, so we will avoid wasting a lot of paper and it has two magnets so that we can hang it on the fridge and use it to put messages or notes.

Newyes 12 digital board


Digital drawing board with colored LED lights that you can change to make children’s creations even more fun. Each time the button is pressed, the lights change color. It can be erased with a damp sponge included. In addition to free drawing, it can also be used as a photo frame, memo board, or even a night lamp. On the back it has space to attach the pen and not get lost.

Lapazzo digital whiteboard


12-inch digital board with large space to draw, write and paint in different colors. It has an anti-erase function to prevent the drawing from being accidentally erased when pressing the button, it allows you to erase images or words with a single touch, and it can be used as a note or message board. Its dimensions are 30 x 17.5 x 0.6 cm and it has a weight of 200 grams.

Agptek digital whiteboard


8.5-inch LCD digital whiteboard so kids can unleash their artistic streak. The surface is sensitive to pressure, so it allows you to make thinner or thicker lines depending on what you press. Avoid any damage to the sight of children, since it does not have any type of radiation or reflections. It is a design with dimensions of 14.99 x 0.46 x 22.1 cm and a weight of only 117.93 grams.

Sunany digital whiteboard

Richgv 8.5 “

8.5 inch LCD digital board for kids. Portable, slim and light design (only 140 grams) so that children can handle it perfectly. Very easy to use, with a key to erase the screen, lock to avoid accidentally deleting a drawing and without blue light, radiation or reflections. Pressure sensitive screen to draw thinner or thicker lines that we can do with the pencil or with the finger itself.

Richgv digital whiteboard


LCD graphic tablet ideal for use as a digital whiteboard that allows drawing lines or strokes of different thickness simply by regulating the pressure on the blackboard itself. A panel where children can draw and draw without having to waste paper, learn to write or even read. Made of high quality plastic with a highly resistant screen that can even be used as a board for some games.

Newyes 8.5 digital whiteboard"


This Guyucom model is an 8.5-inch digital board that allows you to erase and redraw whatever you want on it up to 100,000 times. Without a doubt, a great option to give to children who most like to paint, write or draw, since they will save a lot of wasted paper. It has a lock key to prevent the drawing from being accidentally erased and it does not harm the sight of children as it does not have any type of radiation or reflections.

Guyucom digital whiteboard


This digital whiteboard or magic whiteboard has an 8.5-inch board with a very thin and light design. It allows you to erase the board with a single touch and it is very easy to use, since we can use your stylus or even with your finger. The surface of the board is sensitive to pressure to be able to draw thinner or thicker lines depending on the pressure we exert on it. Made of high quality plastic and resistance but very light. A way to save thousands and thousands of wasted sheets.

Nobes digital whiteboard


8.5-inch electronic whiteboard with pressure-sensitive LCD panel to be able to draw thinner or thicker lines depending on the pressure we make with the pencil. An ideal device for children to paint, draw and write without limits and without wasting sheets. It has a delete button so that with a simple press the board appears completely empty and we can start drawing again. Lightweight, easy-to-handle design.

HOMESTEC digital whiteboard

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