Differences between ‘xD’, ‘xd’, ‘XDDD’ and the other variants that exist

The app instant messaging, WhatsApp, is the most popular and the most used in iOS and Android mobile devices around the world; daily; daily, its users share millions of messages, emojis and symbols that have been invented over time.

That is why today we reveal to you the difference between ‘xD’, ‘xd’ and ‘XDDDD’. Read on and find out if you’ve been using them correctly.

Learn what xD, xd and XDDDD mean - Blog Hola Telcel

Despite the fact that WhatsApp is continuously updated and integrates new emojis to its collection, the truth is that it is inevitable that users continue to use the traditional emoticons, those created from punctuation marks or letters, such as ‘XD’ and its variants that can mean more than one thing.

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What does ‘XD’ really mean?

This combination of letters serves to express happiness while you interact with other people via Facebook, Instagram and, of course, WhatsApp. It is one of the most common emoticons, which will never go out of style and that you can use as you like, taking advantage of the unlimited social networks that your Telcel Unlimited Friend Refills, with the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

‘XD’ is used to express love for others in a simple and attractive way. Even so, its meaning depends on the context, the conversation and even the social network in which you want to share it. However, most of the time it is used to express a very expressive laugh, an emoji to react to something funny that has been shared with you.

Meaning of the emoticons xD ',' xd 'and' XDDDD ', very expressive laugh in social networks.  - Blog Hola Telcel

The “X” symbolizes two closed eyes, while the “D” represents a smile. That is why people use it to show happiness or to imply that something funny is happening.

What is the difference between all the ‘XD’ variants?

As for its variants, ‘xDDD’ or ‘XDDD’ and even ‘xDDdd’, the same conclusion can be reached: they serve to detonate happiness and the more the letter “D” is repeated at the end, the more the action is emphasized.

Why is ‘XD’ used in different ways?

The reason we write ‘XD’ in different ways is because there is no linguistic rule that regulates the correct way to implement it. This emoticon has been used for more than ten years and Internet users can use it freely.

That is why each user can decide how to apply it in their conversations, depending on their level of happiness or what they want to express.

Find out what xD, xd and XDDDD mean - Hello Telcel Blog

So, the next time you get to see an ‘xDDD’ in a chat it is likely that your friend is very happy or the situation is looking so funny that he laughs out loud.

Now that you know the real meaning of one of the most popular social media emoticons, we recommend that you discover how you can hide the photos you receive by WhatsApp.

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