Did you play with CUPS? They turn 27 years old and these were the most popular

In the 90s, many children carried their Tazos collection in their pockets and any moment was the ideal time to put together the “challenge” with their friends. These pieces of different sizes and a great variety of illustrations will be 27 years old in 2021. So to remember them, we have made a recount of their history and which were the most popular. Do you remember them?

tazos looney tunes

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The history of the Tazos

In 1994, Sabritas launched a collection of circular plastics with animated characters, one came free inside each bag of chips. They were a novelty for the time!

It is believed that the original idea arose in the seventeenth century, in a Japanese game called Menko, which consisted of putting a square or circular card on the ground and the other player throwing his card in the air to make the card at rest flip. . Between the 20s and 30s, in Hawaii, a similar game emerged but with bottle caps. The years passed and in the early 90s, a teacher introduced the game to her students, the success was such that the popularity of the game quickly spread throughout the United States.

The first Tazos to arrive in Mexico were from the Looney Tunes and there were 4 types:

  • Los Tazos, with scenes from the series (40).
  • The Super Tazos, who only brought a character up to half length (20).

tazos looney tunes

  • The Mega Tazos, with a character and his name (20).
  • And the Master Tazos, with the characters dressed very rappers (20).
  • Then came the GiraTazos, which had a border in the center to rotate.

In 1996, all these characters became even more popular with the premiere of Space Jam: Game of the Century, tape that you can enjoy thanks to the new TELCEL Max Play Plan where you have Netflix + Claro video, in addition to unlimited social networks, Double Gigas and the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage.

More cartoon characters came to Los Tazos

Later the Tazos de Tiny toons in hologram and buildable Tazos.

tazos looney tunes

In Mexico, although they have disappeared for long periods, they have always been present with different characters, from Animaniacs, Knights of the Zodiac, Dragon Ball, Much Fight, Yi Gi-Oh, The Simpson, Shrek, Angry Birds, Minions, sponge Bob, Plants vs Zombies and more.

tazos simpson

Which ones have you had?

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