Did you know? This is the emoji that we Mexicans use the most

Do you think there is any person in this world who does not use emojis in their text messages? Communicating with emoticons adds a very fun touch to our conversations, and there are some more recurring than others. Do you know which is the most used emoji by Mexicans?

which is the most used emoji by Mexicans - Blog Hola Telcel

First things first … what is an emoji?

Just like Spanish, Mandarin or English, it seems that these “faces” that we use in our texts have become a universal language; At least for those of us who have a smartphone or a computer and who also use WhatsApp or Facebook practically every day.

“Emojies” is a Japanese word that is used to designate the images or pictograms used to express an idea, emotion or feeling through digital media.

In Japanese it is written 絵 文字, and its pronunciation in Spanish is “emoyi”. It is made up of 絵 (e), which means “image”, and 文字 (moji), which means “letter”.

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What is the emoji that Mexicans use the most?

It turns out that this digital language is so “universal” to humans that we tend to use it in very similar ways. For example, in Mexico the most used is the face that cries with laughter. You may have noticed it when you enter the WhatsApp app, included in your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan, and send messages connected to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

What is the most used emoji by Mexicans - Blog Hola Telcel

Mexicans are famous in the world for our particular sense of humor, and laughter is an element that accompanies us on a daily basis; no one is surprised that our emotions are exalted at the slightest provocation.

Yes, in Mexico we laugh at everything … maybe even crying out. And the same happens in countries like the United States, Thailand, the United Kingdom, the Philippines (without a comma) and Vietnam, where the emoji that cries with laughter is also the most common.

smiley face emoji laughing with tears - Blog Hola Telcel

Most used emojis in different countries

It may seem hard to believe, but in Sweden, India, Canada, Australia and Germany, the most used emoji is nothing more and nothing less than the one with the cake.

The most used emojis around the world - Hola Telcel BlogOn the other hand, in France, Italy and Spain the face that throws a kiss is used more frequently. And we are not surprised because they are countries in which they greet with two or even three kisses.

In Colombia, Brazil and Argentina the most frequent is the face with hearts in the eyes. In Japan, Norway, the Netherlands and Taiwan it is the party hat; while in South Korea, the heart.

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Regarding the use of emojis on Facebook

According to Facebook, there are more than 2,800 emojis, of which 2,300 are posted every day by users around the world.

Through Messenger 900 million emojis are sent daily, sometimes without even having an accompanying text, and more than 700 million are used in publications.

As additional information: the day of the year in which the most emojis are sent is December 31. Sure! Congratulations and good wishes for the new cycles cannot be absent.

what does the laughing and crying face emoji mean - Blog Hola TelcelAnd to finish, be sure to try the fun test in this link and discover what emoji you are according to the way you use WhatsApp.

If you are Mexican, do you agree that the face that laughs until you cry is the most used emoji?

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