Did you know that you can send your name to Mars?

The Perseverance Rover he carries a microchip with the data of more than 11 million people with him. After successfully completing your arrival at Mars on February 18, 2021, the POT launched a new call so that those who want to send their name to the red planet can do so.

The collected names will be recorded on silicon microchips that have a large storage space. There was so much enthusiasm on the part of the POT that included three of these silicon microchips in the Perseverance Rover. Such microchips are expected to be filled with the information of people from all over the world.NASA seeks name registries for 2026 mission- Hola Blog

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How to send your name to Mars?

The space agency has contemplated this new registration for its next mission to Mars planned for the year 2026. Registering is extremely simple, those who wish to do so should go to the page Send Your Name To Mars.

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NASA registration page to send your name to Mars in 2026- Blog Hola Telcel

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Within the website you can see the message “We are accepting reservations! Send your name to Mars on the next flight POT to the red planet“. Below this message you will find the fields where you can register with your name, country, postal code and email to ensure a place for your name in said mission.

Undoubtedly, this initiative POT is material for the imagination, because to think that it is possible that a part of each one of us can travel to Mars it seems like a dream. One that serves as material to revive the illusion of traveling to space. Will you travel to Mars?

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