Did you join Telegram? So you can disable notifications from those who have joined

In the last weeks Telegram It has become the protagonist of social networks and the instant messaging app has gained popularity thanks to the millions of new users it has acquired. Much of its success is due to recent security policies in WhatsApp, where many have preferred to migrate.

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But no matter which app is your favorite, WhatsApp or Telegram, here we share some secrets of the latter. For example, how to avoid Telegram Notify you when a new contact has joined the social network.

How to disable notifications from those who join Telegram

If you are one of those who recently joined the application, you may have noticed that Telegram alerts you every time one of your contacts join as well. This notification comes as if it were a message with that person, but luckily there is a way to deactivate them. Just follow this step by step:

1. Open Telegram from your phone.

2. Go to the toolbar on the upper left side and click on the three yellow lines.

3. Go to the Settings section and then to Notifications and Sounds.

Telegram how to deactivate notifications from contacts who join

4. Select the option that says “Events” and uncheck the one that says “A contact joined Telegram” and that’s it.

Telegram settings events notifications

This way you will no longer receive messages every time someone new from your contact list joins, unless you activate the function again.

500 million users in less than 3 days!

Developed by the Russian brothers Nikolai and Pável Durov, Telegram had been so far the biggest competition of WhatsApp thanks to its innovations and new functions. Yet in recent days Telegram it has grown so much that much of the world has migrated to the app; thus achieving 500 million users in a record time of 3 days.

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The truth is that both applications have their benefits and the best of all is that you can enjoy them thanks to the Double Gigas what does your give you Telcel Max Unlimited Plan and the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

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If you have not yet decided on which instant messaging app to choose, here we share a note with its pros and cons: Know 7 functions that Telegram has and WhatsApp does not. But tell us, do you already have a favorite?

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