Did they hack the FBI? Cybercriminal sneaks into the agency’s server


Spamhaus reported that a hacker had managed to sneak into the agency’s server to send 100,000 ‘spam’ emails

In recent years cyber attacks have increased significantly. According to experts hackers They take advantage of any vulnerability, be it of a person, company or public body.

Spamhaus, dedicated to tracking spam and cyber threats, reported that a cyber criminal had managed to sneak into FBI server to send 100,000 ‘spam’ emails.

FBI mail

According to the first reports the hacker He had sent false alerts trying to deceive people, since the emails came from the server of the American organization.

“Although the emails are being sent from infrastructure owned by the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, our investigation shows that these messages are false”

The message warned of a “sophisticated chain attack” by an actor known as Vinny Troia.

Something a bit strange, given that Vinny Troia is not a cyber criminalRather, he is the head of security investigations for dark web intelligence firms NightLion and Shadowbyte.

The FBI denied that hackers had invaded its system

Following the alert that a hacker had entered the FBI serversIt was the same body that confirmed the news, however clarified that the information would not have run any risk.

“No actor was able to access or compromise any data or PII (personally identifiable information) from the FBI network”


Through a statement, the company announced that upon discovering that the hardware had been affected, it was quickly disconnected to avoid further inconvenience.

“The FBI and CISA are aware of the incident this morning that involved fake emails from an @ ic.fbi.gov email account. This is an ongoing situation and we are unable to provide any additional information at this time. We continue to encourage the public to beware of unknown senders and urge them to report any suspicious activity. “

This attack was attributed to cyber criminal called Pompompurin. In an interview with KrebsonSecurity, he assured that he has been able to access the FBI server because it was “poorly” encoded. And he even stressed that he could have fooled more people.

“I could have used 1000% of this to send more legitimate looking emails, trick companies into handing out data, and so on. And this would never have been found by anyone who released it responsibly, due to the notice that the feds have on their website »

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