Denon Bluetooth soundbar now with an irresistible sale

The model that is in promotion in the Amazon store is the Denon DHT-S216, a device that has a very interesting quality is what has to do with sound. An example of what we say is compatibility with DTS Vitual: X and Dolby Digital, which allows everything you hear to be very realistic and allows you to simulate the use of multichannel speaker systems. In short, the dialogue and bass are optimized to achieve an experience enveloping which will be very positive both to enjoy the series and the games you have on your console. And one of the great culprits that this is so is the inclusion of two subwoofers oriented downwards.

Denon DHT-S216 Black Soundbar

The product we are talking about consists of a single black element that can be placed practically anywhere, since the dimensions of this Denon soundbar are as follows: 12 x 89 x 6.6 cm, which shows that a good job has been done in reducing what it takes up in the room. It should be noted that it is one of the lightest options on the market that exists, since it only weighs 3.4 kilos, so hanging it on the wall is something that will not offer any problem. By the way, it does not lack control buttons on the device itself, which ensures that you will always be able to manage the sound source with the established configuration.

Offer that is the most interesting

Right now you can take advantage from home to buy this accessory with a 15% discount, so you only have to pay 186.15 euros for the purchase. This is a very sensible price for a soundbar that integrates a subwoofer. With options as interesting as the Dialogue Enhancer technology that ensures that you will not miss any detail of what they say both in the movies and in the series, we leave you the link that you must use so as not to lose the chance which we are talking about and without having to pay anything for shipping costs if you have an Amazon Prime account.

Excellent connectivity in the Denon soundbar

In this section there is excellent news, since you will find absolutely everything you need to get the most out of it. An example of what we say offers technology support Bluetooth so you do not have to put any cable through (and that you can use phones to send music directly to the device we are talking about). In addition, it also includes digital optical audio and connectivity HDMI -input and output-, offering compatibility with 4K image at 60 Hz, so you will not lose all the effectiveness necessary to take advantage of your television.

Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar Rear

This Denon soundbar includes remote control so that the control of the reproductions is as comfortable as possible, something that is very positive and that sometimes you will not find in the market rivals that this product has. The fact is that taking into account the existing discount and the quality offered by the product, it is a purchase option that you should always keep in mind.

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