Dell Latitude E5470 14-inch laptop with an irresistible offer

One of the things that should be valued positively in this equipment and that allows it to be a solution that fits both to use it at home and outside of it is that its weight is of 1.7 kilos, a quite positive figure considering that we are talking about the computer that includes a 14 inch (which has the particularity of being tactile) and offers a resolution Full HD. This, among other things, ensures that you can run all kinds of software to review it with a very high definition and if at a specific moment you need to watch a movie or series wherever you go, with this device you can achieve it with a very good user experience.

Dell Latitude E5470 Laptop Front

Good hardware that can handle anything

The model that the well-known online store is promoting right now comes with components that are more than enough to be sure that you can run from current browsers to practically all office tools that exist on the market. The processor is an Intel Core i5-6300U that is capable of working at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and therefore has more than enough muscle for everything to work with great fluidity. In addition, in the memory section everything fits perfectly, since the RAM It is 8 GB and the internal storage is type SSD to ensure high transfer speed both when reading and writing information. The space offered by the latter is 128 gigabytes … which is correct.

Inside this computer you will find the operating system Windows 10, so you will not find any difficulty in everything that has to do with running a wide range of programs to take advantage of the Dell Latitude E5470. It is also important to indicate that the keyboard of this laptop is very comfortable, since the separation between the keys is adequate and that it does not lack a touchpad who is able to recognize gestures and that it has dimensions large enough to be comfortable.

Dell Latitude E5470 side

An eye-catching discount for the Dell Latitude E5470

Right now on Amazon you can save you 44 euros when buying this computer, which is undoubtedly a very complete laptop and that is used for practically everything. In addition, if you have a Prime account you do not have to pay absolutely anything for shipping costs, which is always a very positive detail and one that is appreciated. With a traditional, but functional design, we leave the link that you have to use to get this model that also has the virtue of having compatibility with LTE I wanted to make it a very interesting team.

Finally, it must be indicated that it includes everything necessary in relation to connectivity, since it does not lack options such as WiFi and Bluetooth. Physical ports go from one outlet HDMI up to three USBs that are compatible with version 3.0 of this interface. A final detail: getting eight hours of autonomy is completely possible thanks to its four-cell battery.

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