Dell laptop on sale now for 900 euros less and free shipping

The team we are talking about is the Dell Precision 7530, and inside it includes hardware that will allow you to carry out all kinds of work with excellent fluidity and that will allow you to be as productive as possible even if the demand is maximum. An example of what we say is that this is a computer that integrates a processor Intel Core i7-8850H which ensures power beyond any doubt when working even with high-resolution graphics. That is, with this laptop you can edit videos for YouTube and even run 3D creation software (since it includes an NVIDIA Quadro graphics).

Front of Dell Precision 7530 Laptop

In the memory section, it should be noted that the laptop of the sale to which we refer has nothing less than 16 GB RAM. This means that you will not have any problems when running any type of application even if you have many open at the same time. How can it be otherwise in a device as powerful as we are talking about, storage is type SSD and it has a 512 gigabyte internal drive, more than enough for most occasions. The fact is that everything makes this computer one of the most powerful that you can buy right now on sale.

Buy Dell laptop on sale

The existing promotion that you can take advantage of is simply excellent, since it allows you to save 40% of the price that this equipment usually has on the market. We are talking about nothing less than a discount of 900 euros, an amount never seen for such a complete device and that allows you to run all kinds of software as long as you use the Windows 10 operating system. We leave the link that you have to use to take advantage of this promotion and where You will not have to add anything for shipping costs.

Some more things about this Dell Precision 7530

It is important to note that the integrated screen has 15.6 inch, adequate dimensions to be able to work anywhere without having to resort to an additional monitor. The resolution used by this component is Full HD, so it is also quite accurate when it comes to displaying all kinds of content, something that is vital in everything that has to do with multimedia creation. It should be noted that despite all that has been said, this is a computer that has a fairly contained weight, since it does not exceed 2 kilos.

Dell Precision 7530 Laptop Side

Finally there are a couple of details that are important to keep in mind. The first is that this laptop on the offer has an autonomy that allows it to reach some eight hours of use on a regular basis, so it covers working hours quite well. Besides, you have to indicate activity you will not find any problem, since it offers several USB ports, HDMI video output And, of course, it also has wireless options such as Bluetooth and WiFi.

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