Dangerous is Michael Jackson’s best album: 5 reasons to prove it

A day like today but 1991, Michael jackson He launched Dangerous; his eighth studio album that once again revolutionized the history of music. Songs like Jam, Remember the Time Y Heal the World make up this album, which will always remain part of his legacy.

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Through social media, many have shown their love for Dangerous from Michael jackson almost 30 years after its launch. For that reason, here are five reasons why this was probably his best work of his entire career.

Michael Jackson video Remember the Time
Photo: Remember the Time

To join the celebration you can enjoy Dangerous and the complete discography of the King of Pop through Clear music; because ultimately Michael jackson it cannot be missing in your best playlists.

1. One of the best-selling albums

Not just from Michael Jackson’s career, but from music history. Dangerous It has managed to sell more than 32 million copies worldwide and today it is also one of the most listened to albums on digital platforms.

Michael Jackson video Black or White

2. Your cover is unique and artistic

Mark Ryden, known as “the godfather of surreal pop” was in charge of the cover of Dangerous. It took six months to complete and many say it reflects the entire life of Michael Jackson.

“Michael told me that the design should be mysterious, so that people would interpret it in their own way”, the artist mentioned.

Dangerous 1991 album cover
Photo: Dangerous, 1991 album

The cover of Dangerous, next to Sergeant Pepper by The Beatles, are the two covers with the greatest production, design and meaning in the history of music.

3. It is Michael Jackson’s most personal album

After the tour of Bad, Michael Jackson returned to the studio focused on creating different things. This is how issues such as Black or White, Will You Be There Y Jam; considered the most personal album of the King of Pop, since at that point he had complete creative freedom.

Michael on video video Jam
Photo: Jam

4. An exceptional mix of genres

The musical genres of this record material that it has are hard rock, soul, dance And till hip hop. These are reflected in Remeber the Time, Jam Y Will You Be There. Which is why these classics never go out of style.

5. It was a pre-Super Bowl

By 1992, one year after the release of Dangerous, Michael Jackson made his first appearance at a Super Bowl halftime. With him he started this tradition, where he interpreted new songs from that time as Black or White. The show was amazing and is considered one of the best so far.

Presentation Michael Jackson Super Bowl 1992
Photo: Michael Jackson, Super Bowl, 1992

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The legend of the King of Pop will remain for many more generations. So tell us, what is your favorite song from the Dangerous album?

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