D-Link DCS-8100LH security camera with WiFi now downgraded

One of the things that attracts the attention of this device has to do with its design, which apart from being finished in a quite attractive white color and having small dimensions, it should be noted that it is folding. This allows you to hide it practically anywhere and find the best position at all times. In addition, storing it is something that is done with great comfort Due to what we have discussed, what can make this accessory an element that you carry from one place to another in the house. The truth is that this possibility is curious and at the same time striking.

D-Link DCS-8100LH White Camera

Image quality on the D-Link DCS-8100LH

This is a quite important section in the devices we are talking about, since if it has a resolution that is not very high, you may have problems when it comes to distinguishing the image that you will see. What this device offers is to reach 720p (HD), thanks to the inclusion of a fairly good quality CMOS sensor that has a focal aperture of F: 2.2 that allows it to acquire enough light in places where there is not much. By the way, it is important to note that the minimum distance for an object to be properly recognized is 50 centimeters.

Another good detail in this section is that the field of view offered by the D-Link DCS-8100LH reaches 180 degrees, which is more than enough to be able to see very broadly the place that is being focused. In addition, it also includes advanced options such as night vision, which is quite powerful, since it allows to recognize with enough precision what happens at a distance of up to five meters. Therefore, you can also use it in the rooms where children sleep without any problem and without disturbing anything at all because you have to turn on a light to function.

D-Link DCS-8100LH camera side

You will be convinced by the discount

The truth is that the reduction that you are going to find in the eBay store, since right now it is located in a 56% which allows you to only have to pay 55 euros to make the purchase and have it at home, and on top of that, you must add that right now there is no associated shipping cost. Quite a bargain. With additional striking options such as being able to perform 4X zoom or support local storage through the use of high-capacity microSD cards, we leave you below the link that you have to use so as not to miss this opportunity.

Before finalizing there are a couple of details that you should know. The first is that this is a network compatible model Wifi, which makes it possible to use its application for iOS and Android from anywhere and see live the image that the D-Link DCS-8100LH security camera is acquiring. Furthermore, it is also interesting to note that includes both microphone and speaker, so you can listen to everything that happens in a room and also talk to the people who are there.

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