Crossover 21.0 arrives based on Wine 6, improvements for Chrome OS and more

CodeWeavers has released the Crossover 21.0 package, based on Wine code and designed to run programs and games written for the Windows platform. CodeWeavers is one of the main contributors to the Wine project, sponsors its development and returns to the project all the innovations implemented for its commercial products.

For those who do not know CrossOver yet I can tell you that this is a commercial utility that allows you to run popular Windows applications on Unix systems. (Linux or Mac) without the need for a Windows installation. It is a derivation of WINE with several patches added, and easier to use configuration tools.

Crossover is produced by CodeWeavers, which employs several WINE programmers and contributes code to the open source WINE project according to GNU LGPL, that is: it is one of the main contributors to the Wine project, sponsors its development and returns to the project all the innovations implemented for its commercial products.

I have to mention that this software, despite being based on Wine, is not free, so in order to use it you will have to pay for a license.

Main new features of Crossover 21.0

This new version of Crossover Arrives with the Wine 6.0 branch update (the previous version was based on Wine 5.0 which was released in January 2021) and also along with some changes carried over from the new experimental versions of Wine.

With the implementation of this branch of Wine a Vulkan backend for WineD3D was included, which expanded the implementation of the console and integrated the Media Foundation frameworkIn addition, the developers also continued their work to convert the libraries to the Windows Portable Executable (PE) binary format.

The Vulkan backend for WineD3D is aimed in particular at games and is now used by default for 64-bit applications with Direct3D 10 or 11 on macOS, as long as DXVK is not enabled. The latter is a translation layer between Direct3D and Vulkan. DXVK is now included in version 1.7.

Another change that stands out from CrossOver 21.0 is that now is included with Wine Mono, a free, cross-platform implementation of the .NET framework.

In addition, it is also highlighted that in this new version Starting with macOS Big Sur 11.3, Xbox X / S and PlayStation 5 controllers work with CrossOver 21.0.0 via BluetoothIn addition to that also for macOS, support for a dark theme was added and the Vulkan WineD3D backend was enabled by default and that this new version of CrossOver does not currently have support for macOS Monterey.

Besides MS Office 2016/365 work has been improved on Linux, including support for multi-monitor configurations and issues with entering a password and activating an office suite have been resolved.

It is also highlighted that work has been done to make the launch noticeably faster on Chrome OS, plus many other fixes.

Finally for those interested in knowing more about it about this new launch of CrossOver 21, you can check the details by going to the following link.

How to get Crossover 21.0?

To be able to obtain this utility in this new version only you can do it by paying a license which, if it has a price to be considered, in case you are not sure about it you can request a “Trial” license.

CrossOver 21, which is available for macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS, is free to try for 14 days. The license costs $ 59.95, with one year of updates (you can continue to use the software beyond that, but you will no longer receive updates).

Another way to test CrossOver without having to fork out (for now) it is making use of the Linux distribution “Deepin OS” which is a fairly popular Linux distribution based on Debian and that implements this tool within the system and users do not have to pay for it.

If you want to know more about the costs and how to obtain this tool, just go to to the following link.

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