Creating a WhatsApp group could delete your account

In order to continue maintaining security and usability for users within WhatsApp, Goal has strengthened the rules of use for that application. One of these rules is focused on security within the groups created on the messaging platform.

While is true that Goal It has no way of reading the conversations within the application due to end-to-end encryption, but it is capable of making visible the names with which the group chats are registered. That is why it is important that you are aware of the things that are not accepted in the groups of the app if you want to avoid the sanction that leads to the deletion of the account.

The WhatsApp platform has strengthened its privacy policy- Blog Hola Telcel

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Characteristics of groups that can be worth the deletion of accounts in WhatsApp

The platform has no qualms about deleting or blocking all accounts belonging to a group chat that has been named with words that threaten the integrity of children as it indicates that users may be sharing inappropriate content. In addition, it is also an activity that violates the rules of the required application.

When the WhatsApp platform detects a group chat with these characteristics, it determines the application of the sanction on the users of said chat. These sanctions will not only represent the total deletion of the account, but all the multimedia content shared within the application will be permanently deleted.

The application determines sanctions against accounts that threaten the security of other users- Blog Hola Telcel

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Sharing fake news can also get your account deleted

Other activity that considers the deletion of an account WhatsApp is sharing fake news. We recommend you take advantage of your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan so you can keep informed hellotelcel. Also, remember that you have unlimited access to WhatsApp and social networks like Facebook, Instagram Y Twitter. Keep browsing with #TelcelLaBestRed with the best Coverage and Speed.

WhatsApp determines that sharing false news is serious and due to the current world situation this measure was reinforced by the platform, so it asks users not to share false content that may be alarming for users.

Undoubtedly Goal is trying to create safe spaces for users within its platforms. Did you know about this kind of restrictions within WhatsApp?

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