Create “master face” to fool facial recognition


Researchers in Israel created a “master face” that could circumvent facial recognition systems. Opening the debate on whether this technology is still reliable

Currently the facial recognition as one of the safest systems, however a ‘master face»That this tool is capable of cheating.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel developed a neural network called StyleGAN. Which they claim is capable of circumventing most of the current systems of facial recognition.


It should be noted that the facial recognition It is used from to unlock your mobile to to keep track of the population.

Just as there are skeleton keys, scholars created a «master face»That I was able to recreate most of the existing faces and thus circumvent the systems of facial recognition.

“A single face could unlock 20% of all identities in the open source database Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW) at the University of Massachusetts”

How does StyleGAN work?

It was explained that this tool creates such a common face that detectors think the face actually exists. Since it looks at all the parameters that this technology focuses on.

“The work published by the Blavatnik School of Informatics and the School of Electrical Engineering, suggests that it is possible to generate these master faces. For more than 40% of the population using only 9 faces synthesized by said neural network “

Although they claim that he manages to evade the facial recognition systems, the percentage of its success is still low.

facial recognition

It was revealed that the «master face»It only fools 20% to 40% of the time to the systems of facial recognition most common in the world.

“StyleGAN works by looking for the most common and generalized facial features from among thousands of photographs and then iteratively repeating the process”

But it is an acceptable risk when you think that the mobile of one or two out of five people who use facial recognition systems could be accessed.

The researchers want to continue working on the «master face»To improve your effectiveness rate. They hope to be able to animate faces to appear alive and recreate them in 3D as well.

Although there is still more development, the «master face»Shows that the recognition system can be violated and is not as secure as it is believed to be.

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