Create holographic camera capable of seeing inside the body

holographic camera

In order to see the invisible, a holographic camera has been created. Who is able to see inside the body and behind corners with great precision

Scientists from Northwestern University (Illinois, USA) developed a holographic camera what is capable of see inside the body and behind the corners with great precision.

According to its creators with this device it will be possible see what is invisibleNo matter if there is fog or it is under the skin, even the human skull can potentially be seen.

How does this device work?

This method known as synthetic wavelength holography “It works by indirectly scattering coherent light onto hidden objects, which then scatters again and travels back to a camera.”

“The walls become mirrors for these rays and the device perceives the multiple reflections of each one of them”

holographic camera light

The algorithm of the holographic camera reconstructs the light signal to reveal objects that are hidden from the naked eye.

The holographic camera takes advantage of visible or infrared light that is indirectly scattered on hidden objects. To reveal the things that cannot be seen.

According to Florian Willomitzer, the operation of his device is how to make light pass through the palm of the hand.

“If you have ever tried to shine a flashlight through your hand, then you have put this phenomenon to the test.”

The holographic camera would have great potential

The scientists noted that his team has the potential to “obtain images of fast-moving objects, such as the heart beating through the chest or cars speeding around a corner.”

The holographic camera it would have a high resolution so that images could be obtained through the skin and even the smallest capillaries could be observed.


Although it was originally intended for medicine, its creators believe that its potential is infinite. Such as early warning navigation for automobiles and industrial inspection in compact spaces.

“Our technology will usher in a new wave of imaging capabilities,” said Northwestern’s Florian Willomitzer.

The development of the holographic camera It was sponsored by the DARPA agency, which belongs to the United States Department of Defense.

However, the statement did not specify how this technology could be used in combat military missions.

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