Create device to play the PS5 with one hand

One-handed PS5

A youtuber presented an adapter for the DualSense controller that allows a person to play the PS5 with just one hand

The controls of the video game consoles They are designed to be used with two hands, which is difficult for people with a disability.

But this would be about to change thanks to the creation of a device that would allow playing the One-handed PS5.

The youtuber Akaki Kuumeri developed a peripheral adapter for the remote DualSense, in this way, it accommodates the buttons so that they are easy to use with one hand.

PS5 adapter

The mechanism works in two parts:

  • A set of levers and rotors that allow the joystick to be moved by resting the adapter on a surface, such as a table or the knee.
  • The other part is an extension of the buttons for pressing the triggers, only one centimeter from the other triggers. This allows “with some practice” to press both triggers with a single finger.

While the youtuber developed to use the right hand, it can also be adapted for those who can only play with the left.

“Since the PS5’s controller is symmetrical, the adapter parts can be mirrored for use by left-handed gamers.”

Akaki Kuumeri developed your adapter with a 3D printer and even shared the print file for the person who wanted to play the PS5 with one hand.

His work was one of the winners of a contest organized by PrusaPrinters. A community of 3D printers and designers who trade, sell and buy blueprints for use with 3D printers.

In the video we can see how he is able to play ‘It Takes Two’ with two controllers at the same time, showing his possibilities.

This project shows that it is possible to break down barriers so that this hobby is enjoyed by more people.

It is worth mentioning that Kuumeri will also partner with Special Effect, a charity that helps people with disabilities play video games.

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