Could you spend all of Elon Musk’s money?

Leasing Options

Tesla founder Elon Musk is one of the richest people in the world. Do you think you could spend your fortune in less than 30 seconds? Video game challenges you to do it

Elon musk has become one of the richest people on the planet, thanks to his companies such as Tesla or Spacex he has accumulated a great fortune.

According to the latest edition of the Forbes list, the South African-born executive is already the second richest person on the planet, only behind Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. His is estimated to have a wealth of $ 151 billion.


Videogame has decided to take the fortune of Elon musk to challenge people to try to spend all the money in less than 30 seconds.

Is about Leasing Options where you can buy from a McDonald’s Big Mac to launch the Falcon 9 spaceship. They also offer you a series of multipliers to buy those elements in blocks of 1, 10 or 15.

According to the first reports it is almost impossible to spend the money of Elon musk In the requested time, with your fortune you could buy in the video game:

Elon musk

  • Almost a million (932,156) Tesla Model S Plaid + with all the extras included (each costs $ 161,990)
  • 615 Falcon 9 launches, costing $ 30,750,000,000
  • 377 Boeing 747 aircraft, whose unit cost is around 400 million dollars
  • Make at least 180 trips in a private jet
  • Buy 75 apartments in New York, 210 in the UK
  • An iPhone 12 Pro Max, an Apple Watch Series 6, a 12-inch iPad Pro and AirPods Max for all Spaniards (about 47 million people)
  • Buy 15 Rolex watches
  • Have 15 all-paid trips to Disney World
  • 15 PlayStation 5
  • 16 pairs of Nike Air Jordan collector’s edition
  • A subscription to Netflix and Spotify for everyone in the world (about $ 20, to 7,800,124,000 people)

The aim of the game is for entertainment, although it helps people to know the fortune created by Elon musk.

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