Could Meta shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe?

goal to close Facebook and Instagram in Europe

Mark Zuckerberg threatens to leave Europe without Facebook and Instagram. If there is no legislation that allows sharing data with your infrastructure in the United States

In the 10-K report update it was revealed that Goal would have considered close facebook and instagram in Europe if you are not allowed to store, process and transfer data to the United States.

It is a response from mark zuckerberg the end of Safe Harbour, the limitation of Privacy Shield, and the entry into force of the GDRP, a regulatory compendium that prevents Meta from transferring, processing and using the data of European citizens in the United States.

meta could shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe

According to the report of Goal submitted to the SEC (the US stock exchange regulator) the measures of the European Union have affected and will continue to harm their operations.

It was revealed that if no change is made the company may no longer be able to offer some of its services in Europe.

“If a new transatlantic data transfer framework is not adopted and we cannot continue to rely on SCCs. Or in other alternative means of data transfer from Europe to the United States. It is likely that we will not be able to offer some of our most important products”

The report highlights that it would be considering close facebook and instagram in Europe.

“Including Facebook and Instagram, in Europe, which would materially and adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations”

Meta responds if it has considered closing Facebook and Instagram in Europe

After the controversy generated, Goal sent a statement in which it clarified whether it is true that they have considered close Facebook and Instagram in Europe.

According to what was indicated at the moment there is no specific plan, but they pointed out that many of their services depend on the transfer of data from the European Union and United States.

“We have absolutely no desire or plans to withdraw from Europe, but the simple reality is that Meta, and many other companies, organizations and services, depend on data transfers between the EU and the US to operate global services”


Goal He stressed that at all times they have followed the rules on data protection.

“Like other companies, we have followed European regulations and rely on standard contractual clauses and adequate data protections to operate a global service”

However, he stressed that they are monitoring how the new measures will affect their operations.

“Fundamentally, companies need clear global rules to protect transatlantic data flows for the long term. And just like more than 70 other companies in a wide range of industries. We are closely monitoring the potential impact on our European operations as these developments progress.”

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