Controls in tribute to the indigenous communities of Mexico

Xbox indigenous controls

To celebrate the International Day of Indigenous Cultures, Xbox Mexico presented three controls with indigenous art. These teams were created by artisans from Guerrero, Hidalgo and Nayarit

On the occasion of the celebration of International Day of Indigenous Cultures, Xbox Mexico introduced three new controls that pay homage to the indigenous communities.

The company partnered with artisans from Guerrero, Hidalgo and Nayarit to create this new version of their control, which have become an authentic work of art.

Each design shares unique elements of Mexican culture and shares the ancestral heritage. These are the indigenous cultures that are present in the Xbox controllers:

Huichol (Nayarit) Cukate

In this control, symbols that have great meaning for the community were occupied, such as “the corn that is prosperity, the butterfly that is good luck, the scorpion that is the protector of peyote and the deer that is the god of the ocean.”

Grisela Carillo Carillo, artisan in charge of the intervention, revealed that she was inspired by Huichol religious practices.


Olinalá (Guerrero) ICAT – Olinalá

The design reflects the cultural exchange between the oriental and the European. Highlighted by roses, flowers and leaves.

According to the artisan Edwin Ruiz, the art of Olinalá uses natural oils that are obtained in the fields and mountains of the Guerrero area.


Tenango (Hidalgo) Tenangos Ma Hoi

In the control, animals and nature are highlighted, which are basic for the community. In this control, embroideries were used that were incorporated into the equipment.

The explosion of colors expresses, in its different shades, different feelings.


Xbox Mexico announced that these creations will not be for sale as the creation process was unique. These controls will only serve as a tribute to the 68 indigenous communities from Mexico.

“The idea was for them to use an Xbox control as a canvas and transform it into authentic artisan collectibles”, which will be unique and will not be for sale “

The International Day of Indigenous Cultures It has been held every August 9 since 1994.

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