Conga 6090 Ultra vacuum cleaner with one of its best offers and free shipping

This is a model that has different virtues, among which this dimension is that they are not especially large (35 x 35 x 9.7 cm), which allows you to carry out your work with great reliability, since it is able to access practically any corner and even below it should the vast majority of armchairs or beds that are in homes. Something that is quite important in this model is that it includes a 6,400 mAh rechargeable battery inside, which ensures that it is can completely clean a home of more than 100 square meters -it reaches 240 minutes-. As it cannot be otherwise, the recharge is carried out on a base to which the device returns automatically.

Conga 6090 Ultra vacuum cleaner in operation

If you wonder about the expiration power offered by the Conga 6090 Ultra vacuum cleaner, there is very good news, since it reaches the 10,000 Pa. That is, it can handle almost everything it finds on the ground (including almost liquid items) and also pet hair will not be a problem for this model. It has three different levels of work so that it adjusts to what you need at all times depending on the existing company, and it has a deposit 570 ml, prevents you from having to constantly empty it.

Offer that is irresistible in our opinion

We say this because you can buy the product in the Amazon store with a discount that reaches 36% than usual. And how does this translate into euros? Well, simply and simply with the saving of € 250, a more than remarkable figure for a robot vacuum cleaner that is one of the best you can find and that has 10 cleaning modes (such as something smart; homecoming or edges). We leave you the link that you must use so as not to miss the opportunity to get this accessory without having to pay anything if you are one of those who have a Prime account.

Things to know about this Conga 6090 Ultra vacuum cleaner

One of the important ones is that the model we are talking about makes quite little noise, it stays in 64 dB, so we are not talking about a product that is a nuisance when you are at home in the event that it is operating even at maximum performance. In addition, it has the virtue, due to its good internal motor and height, of being able to overcome obstacles of up to 20 mm, so there is no problem with any type of carpet. Additionally, it should be known that this equipment is capable of mopping the floor while sweeping it, for which it has a deposit and specific accessories that surely more than one will find it helpful.

Conga Vacuum Mapping

Finally, there is an application for the mobile phone that allows you to control all the parameters offered by this model (compatibility with ios Y Android). In addition, as this robot vacuum cleaner is capable of mapping the house, because it uses iTech Laser Eye 360 ​​technology, its work is always carried out with great precision and due to its connection Wifi you will be able to manage its operation from anywhere if you need it.

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