Confirmed! ‘Dragon Ball Super’ will premiere new movie in 2022

After the success of the first installments, it was a matter of time before Toei Animation announce a new movie of the most popular hero on television of the last thirty years. Therefore, in the celebration of Goku Day, a forthcoming adaptation of Dragon ball super, which will be released in 2022.

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Dragon Ball Super Goku and Vegeta gods

It was through the official site of Toei Animation Europe where it was announced that a new film is being worked on, which will bring back the warriors saiyan after the grand finale of Dragon ball super in 2018, where the characters participated in the Tournament of Force as the outcome. Here’s how the company made the announcement:

“This new premiere will be the second film based on ‘Dragon Ball Super’, the title of the manga and the animated series that was launched in 2015. The first film was ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’, a great success that achieved the record number of more than 120 million dollars at the box office ”.

Goku flying cape, original orange suit

Akira Toriyama, leader of the new Dragon Ball Super movie

Best of all, and to the liking of the fans, is that Akira Toriyama, who gave life to anime and has achieved great success throughout his career, is at the forefront of this project once again.

Goku, combat technique, new movie

In addition to having revealed that he will be in charge of the story and character design for this new film, the author mentioned that this film will not be an adaptation of Moro’s arc, but a completely original narrative.

“Like the previous film, I am very much in charge of producing the story and dialogue for this incredible film. (…) I really shouldn’t talk too much about the plot yet, but everyone should be prepared for some extreme and entertaining matches, which could introduce an unexpected character ”, Toriyama mentioned.

Vegeta becoming super saiyan god level

What could the new movie be about?

Toei Animation chose not to give more concrete details about the project, so we still do not even know what its plot will be or what title this new film will have. However, this has not stopped fan theories from starting, suggesting that the new film is likely to be about the original Super Saiyan God or Freeza’s brother, known as the Emperor of Evil.

If you want to give you an idea of ​​how this new movie could be, remember that you can enjoy it for purchase or rent, through Clear video, titles like: Dragonballz the battle of the gods Y Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F or just for purchase, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which were a resounding success and the reason to work on a second film in the saga Super.

Dragon Ball Super Goku, blue hair

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We hope to have more information and a trailer in the coming months. In the meantime tell us, what do you expect from this new movie?

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