Confirmed! Christian Bale is chosen as the best Batman in history

There is a superhero that everyone loves and that is Batman, the Knight of the Night from Gotham City, who has been played by various actors throughout film history, including Christian Bale and Ben Affleck. However, not all of them have reached the same popularity and a recent poll revealed what many had been wondering: Who is the best Batman of all?

Everyone has their favorite, but the survey carried out by the British magazine Radio times revealed that undoubtedly the first place is occupied by Christian bale.

Christian Bale is named as the best Batman in history - Hello Telcel blog

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Neither Ben Affleck nor Michael Keaton, Christian Bale is the best!

The 47-year-old actor played Bruce Wayne in the trilogy of The Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan. A saga considered one of the most memorable thanks to its characters, production, history and the political and social turn that they adapted in the films. Not to mention that in addition to Christian bale like batman, Heath ledger how the Joker went down in history as one of the best renditions ever made of the iconic villain.

Christian Bale and Heath Ledger as Batman and Joker in The Dark Knight - Blog Hola Telcel

After Christian Bale, Adam West, who played Batman in the classic 1960s series broadcast on ABC, ranks second in the poll. it obtained the second place within the survey.

Adam West as Batman in second place as the best ever - Blog Hola Telcel

The third place was taken Michael Keaton for the two times he had the opportunity to play Batman under the direction of Tim Burton: Batman (1989) and Batman returns (1992). While Ben affleckDespite his efforts to play a much darker and lonely Bruce Wayne, he took fourth place thanks to his participation in films such as Batman vs. Superman Y The Justice League that are part of the DC Universe.

Ben Affleck in Batman VS Superman - Blog Hola Telcel

Was it Robert Pattinson’s turn as the new Batman?

Robert Pattinson you will have the opportunity to join this prestigious ranking, since it is a fact that will give life to the character in The Batman, the new version of the saga directed by Matt Reeves, which will be released in summer 2022.

If you like most Batman fans believe that Christian bale has well deserved the first place as the best of all, so do not forget that through Clear video you can enjoy the movies Batman starts Y Batman: the Dark Knight Rises in purchase or rent charged to your Telcel Invoice and relive one of Bale’s best performances throughout his career.

Christian Bale in Batman the Dark Knight - Blog Hola Telcel

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Within a year this list could change with the arrival of Robert Pattinson as the new Bruce Wayne. Do you think he achieves such a sensational performance as Christian Bale’s? 🤔

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