Claro video recommends you … The new portal to rent your favorite movies!

There is no better plan than to spend an afternoon of movies with the family enjoying your favorite titles. For that reason Claro video presents its new exchange portal, where you can rent extraordinary films of different genres, 100% recommended. All you have to do is choose the movie you like the most, rent it and enjoy it!

Rent the best titles in Claro video!

Claro video recommends you

How to rent a movie?

This new portal is perfect for any movie buff. All you have to do is enter it, choose the movie that most catches your attention and click on “Rent”, with a cost of only $ 29 Mexican pesos!

The collection of the rent will be made through a prepaid friend balance or charged to your Telcel Invoice in postpaid. At the end you will receive an SMS of payment made and a confirmation code to access the movie you chose.

How to redeem your code in Claro video?

After the previous process and with your confirmation code, it is time to enjoy your movie by following this step by step:

1. Enter and log in or register with Telcel payment method.
2. Find your movie and click on “Rent”.
3. Select “Promo code” as the payment method.
4. Complete the field that says “Code” which you received via SMS. Clever!

In this portal you can also check your purchased codes by clicking on “My Coupons”, which will allow you to enjoy your rented movie for 48 hours.

But the best does not end there, since every month the Claro video exchange portal will update the titles for new ones. This way you will have the opportunity to see more movies and discover some that you have never seen before.

Claro video recommends you

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Think no more! Visit the new Claro video portal right now and enjoy the best cinema from your home. 😊

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