Cinema offer! LG SJ2 bar with Dolby Digital sound lowered

The truth is that the catalog of sound bars is so wide that you can find solutions of all kinds. You may be looking for models with NFC, compact sound bars … But if what you want is to enjoy cinema sound, don’t miss out on this bargain, since the LG SJ2 will more than meet your needs and for much less than you imagine.

And it is that, this soundbar boasts a value for money that is very difficult to beat. And now that you have a 43% discount on Amazon for you to save 77 euros in your purchase, the offer is simply round.

It has NFC and HDMI ARC

LG SJ2 connections

To begin with, in the field of connectivity We find a very complete product that will satisfy your needs without major problems. Mainly because it has a 3.5 mm jack input, digital optical input, analog input and HDMI ARC so you can connect this bargain soundbar to your TV and control the volume using the remote control of the Smart TV.

But, the most interesting thing comes with the fact that we are facing a sound bar with NFC connectivity. In this way, you can link your mobile phone in a few seconds so that you can play your favorite lists on Spotify or any other streaming music platform in the most comfortable way.

And beware, it also has bluetooth 4.0 and with aptX support, which guarantees a great signal stability and a clear, crisp sound without compression that affects the acoustic landscape of this powerful model.

A perfect soundbar for the living room

LG SJ2 soundbar in the living room

Moving on to the technical characteristics of this sound bar LG SJ2, It should be noted that it is a model that boasts dimensions of 9.9 x 66 x 5.6 centimeters, so this is a large format model that is perfect for Smart TV between 48 and 75 inches. Regardless of the size of your living room, you will be able to enjoy a great listening experience, since this bar offers a power of 160 W, more than enough for the sound to reach every corner.

And if that wasn’t enough, the LG SJ2 features an external subwoofer that will deliver powerful, deep and clear bass. In this way, it is clear that this sound bar will be the best ally to improve the sound of your Smart TV. Although seeing the connectivity options it offers, along with the discount it has on Amazon, it will also serve you perfectly to listen to your favorite songs through your phone. It is very versatile!

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