Cincinnati schools will not have classes the day after the Super Bowl

Long weekend! The history of the Cincinnati Bengals is very curious and it is that for the first time after 34 years, the team will once again have the joy of starring in a super bowl against the Los Angeles Rams. Such an event could not go unnoticed, much less by its loyal fans, who, anxious for a possible victory, have decreed a day off for the students the day after SB LVI.

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Long weekend for Cincinnati students

From social networksCincinnati Public Schools (a conglomerate of public schools in Cincinnati) announced that the Monday after SB LVI there will be no classes, as they are convinced that the Bengals will become the absolute winners and will give the day off to celebrate the historic victory.

“In honor of Bengal’s first Super Bowl appearance since 1988, CPS will have no school on Monday, February 14! Staff and students will have the day off to celebrate what we believe will be our city’s first Super Bowl win!”The Cincinnati Public Schools Board announced.

Twitter statement day off to Cincinnati schools if the Bengals win the Super Bowl - Blog Hola Telcel
Photo: CPS (Twitter)

Two Mondays off in a row in Cincinnati schools thanks to SB

It should be noted that the tradition of long weekends for the SB is not new. Turns out Cincinnati public schools already had the Mondays after the SB off (even if the Bengals didn’t play) for professional development day. However, with the increase in games on the calendar, this Super Bowl was held on a weekend, but the educational institutions wanted the students to receive an extra day off.

In this way, the students of that city will enjoy an “unbudgeted bridge” while waiting for the Bengals to lift the Vince Lombardi trophy and be crowned the top winners of SB LVI.

When we say that the history of the Cincinnati Bengals is very curious, we mean that during their entire career the team had only played two SBs: SB XVI (1982) and SB XXIII (1989). In both games, the Cincinnati Bengals fell to Joe Montana’s San Francisco 49ers.

Monday without classes in Cincinnati if the Bengals win the NFL in Super Bowl LVI - Blog Hola Telcel Photo: CNN[/caption]

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Do you think Cincinnati schools can proudly celebrate the Bengals’ possible championship this Sunday, February 13, against the Los Angeles Rams? If not, they already have their rest day assured anyway.

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