Chromium also comes to Flathub, we no longer depend on its Snap

Chromium on Flathub

More than a year ago we wrote an article in which we mentioned that a Canonical movement could mean something. That movement did not leave anyone indifferent. We are talking about that, since then and until last week, Ubuntu users and derivatives could not install Chromium if we didn’t compile it ourselves or add a repository like Sytem76 or Linux Mint. If you are one of the users who says yes to the browser but not to snapd or the Snap Store, good news.

And it is that, from what I have been able to test since the Snap packages are available and in my opinion, they are a failure. They are a failure because few prefer them, they are slow, because they are more difficult to deal with and because updates, in most cases, take a long time to arrive, contrary to what Canonical promised us. I believe that there are few of us who prefer flatpak packages, and the good news is that Chromium is now also available in this type of package new generation.

Chromium as a Flatpak package, now a reality

Personally, this makes me look back in time. Firefox was also available as a Snap package from pretty much the beginning, and it wasn’t until recently that we can also install it as a Flatpak package. So does this mean that the developers are surrendering to the evidence? Well, I don’t know that, but what is a fact is that we can now install Chromium from its Flatpak package.

What we win, first, is an option. Second, something that does not require us to install an entire store, only the “flatpak” package and, depending on our software store, some add-ons. Definitely, I think we win cleaning.

In any case, in this short article I have been very subjective, I used several Snap packages until I got tired of how slow they are and late updates. The good and important thing is that now there is a new option available for any Linux distribution.

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