Chris Pratt to play Garfield in new animated film

Chris pratt began his career as a voice actor more than ten years ago in a video game movie. In the last decade his popularity and fame have grown in such a way that they have led him to give voice to characters as beloved as Mario and now, Garfield.

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In 2010 Chris Pratt voiced Cooper, the protagonist of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction And although it is also a video game movie, there is no character better known than Mario, a dream come true for the actor!

A few weeks after the Nintendo announcement in which it was announced that Chris Pratt would voice Mario in the character’s first animated film, they have also reported that the actor will be the voice of the new film of the famous lasagna-loving cat. .

Everything you know about Garfield’s new animated movie

The announcement of the new animated film, which will be named Garfield, came out as a Halloween gift. While some films have been made based on the comic of this lazy cat, this production stands out for its creative team and voice actors.

On the one hand, the director will be Mark Dindal, who wrote and directed great animated films, such as The follies of the emperor and Chicken Little, both from Disney.

Garfield's director, Mark Dindal, also directed The Emperor's Folly - Blog Hola Telcel

In addition, the voice of Garfield will be interpreted by Chris Pratt, who has a long history in the field of dubbing. So far, he has voiced characters like Barley in the Disney movie, Onward; Emmett in various Lego movies and will soon add the voice of Mario Bros.

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Chris Pratt has undoubtedly earned respect in various fields within the film industry. So tell us, what do you think of the voices he has played so far?

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