Chorley pub warns of sky table ‘scam’ on Facebook

A Lancashire pub owner has warned the public about a humourous ‘scam’ that has been circulating on Facebook.

Earlier this month, a post was shared to Facebook stating that a ‘sky table’ will be coming to Bobbin Mill pub in Chorley.

Much like London in the Sky, diners were told they would be “suspended 10,000 feet above sea level” where they can enjoy their dinner from the great height.

Lancashire Telegraph: The hoax Facebook post promises a 'sky table' at Bobbin Mill in ChorleyThe hoax Facebook post promises a ‘sky table’ at Bobbin Mill in Chorley

Some customers have been left tickled by the post which says dishes will be “fired up from a high pressure kitchen cannon” and ordered “via electronic megaphone”.

The full post said: “Bobbin Mill is proud to introduce our new Sky Table. Have you ever dreamed of enjoying your meal high above Buckshaw Village?

“Now you can as out new Sky Table is suspended 10,000 feet above sea level from a special crane on high tensile steel cables.

“Dishes are ordered via electronic megaphones then fired up from our own high pressure kitchen cannon in aerodynamic pods, which are then automatically caught by electromagnets.

“This is a truly unique dining experience, enjoy the thrills as the table swings from side to side in gale force winds, every mouthful takes on a new intensity as it feels like it could be your last.”

Commenting on the post, one person asked: “Do they fire vegan meals up to the table?”

“Not quite sure it’a real but be a good idea,” said another.

“I did wonder what would happen if you needed to go to the toilet but they have buckets dangling just under your seat so there’s no issue there whatsoever,” joked another.

The pub’s owner said the post been reported to Facebook.

They said: “It has been reported to Facebook by our head office and they are not happy about it – but it is a scam that Facebook will be taking down.”

The pub’s brewery, Marston’s, said they are aware of the post and say it has “caused much chat and banter in the pub.”

They said: “Whilst there isn’t a sky table at the Bobbin Mill, guests can still enjoy a drink and meal with us with their feet firmly on the ground.”

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