Chinese boycott grows | Huawei removed the apps from Nike and Adidas

Chinese boycott grows, on government orders Huawei removes Nike and Adidas apps from its store

Within the framework of chinese boycott towards companies of American and European origin. Huawei surprised its users by removing the Applications from Nike and Adidas.

According to the first reports, the tech giant he had made the decision by unwritten order of the Beijing regime.

The South China Morning Post revealed that since March 29, the apps from Nike and Adidas are no longer available in the app store from Huawei.

china cotton

It is not the first action against clothing companies, because in recent days, H&M disappeared from Apple Maps and similar services despite having more than 400 stores in China. Additionally, the Swedish brand was removed from the Didi service.

Boycott of fashion brands continues in China

The Chinese measure of boicot is given after old communications from Nike and Adidas in which they warned about the inhumane conditions in which cotton pickers worked in the Xinjiang region.

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union have accused the Chinese authorities of systematic violation of human rights and of “forced labor”.

Nike, H&M, Gap, Zara and Adidas They have expressed that after the abuses that have been exposed they have thought not to buy cotton from Xinjiang.

Cotton work

After the accusations against him, China dismissed the questions and assured that the statements are biased.

In response since the second half of March 2021, the authorities have encouraged a boycott of consumers against American and European fashion companies.

“The campaign has affected companies such as H&M, Burberry, Nike and Adidas, among others of Western origin”

The regime also asked companies operating in the country not to intervene and not to issue any political comments.

“Rushing to make this decision and getting involved in sanctions is unreasonable. It is like lifting a stone to drop it on your own feet, ”said Xu Guixiang, a spokesman for the Xinjiang government.

Elect Anayat, another Xinjiang government spokesman, said during a press conference that the Chinese people do not want the products of companies like H&M and Nike they have boycotted Xinjiang cotton.

He also invited companies to take trips to the cotton fields in the region to see for themselves what is happening and to point out if there is forced labor.

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