China orders stores to remove more apps operated by Didi Global’s Chinese division

BEIJING – China ordered mobile app stores to remove 25 more apps operated by Didi Global Inc.’s Chinese division, saying the apps illegally collect personal data, stepping up its regulatory actions against the ride-sharing company.

Newly launched apps on Friday include the Didi app for drivers, a carpool app, and a financing app. Earlier this week, the China Cyberspace Administration ordered mobile app stores to remove Didi’s main app in China.

On Friday, the cyber watchdog also banned websites and platforms from providing access to Didi-linked services in China, according to the watchdog’s statement.

Didi faced a series of Chinese regulatory actions in the past week, causing its shares to tumble days after it began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on June 30. The latest move is an escalation from the watchdog’s previous announcements because it would likely impact existing users accessing Didi’s transportation and other services through other platforms.

Didi did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Users who had downloaded the Didi apps did not seem affected.

Source: WSJ

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