China creates artificial moon to train its astronauts

China is in preparation for future manned missions to the Moon. For this, it will prepare its astronauts through training in a artificial moon which is under construction.

Scientists from the China University of Mining and Technology, inspired by the experiment with magnets with which they managed to levitate a frog, created a low gravity installation lunar, simulating the gravitational field of the natural satellite.

In this way, the study of the effects caused by these conditions in the body of astronauts can be deepened.

China builds artificial moon to train astronauts in low gravity conditions

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Where is the artificial Moon being built?

The simulator is located in the city of Xuzhou, province of Jiangsu on the Republic of China. It works like a vacuum chamber and recreates lunar conditions using rocks and dust just as light as those found on the satellite.

On the other hand, it is expected that artificial moon, which for now is designed with a diameter of 60 cm, will be officially inaugurated in the coming months and will have the possibility of turning the gravitational field on and off as its operators require.

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What other fields will help study the Chinese artificial moon?

It is expected that the artificial moon help the China National Space Administration test equipment operation in conditions equivalent to one-sixth of Earth’s gravity.

Through this experiment they have determined to use different materials in the manufacture of the technology that they will take to the mission, thinking that these conditions can damage the cables or the superconductors of the devices on the mission.

Explorer astronaut like those who are preparing on the Chinese artificial moon-Blog Hola Telcel

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chinese moon base

This experiment will lay the theoretical foundations for the future mission of China to Moon which, as commented by the Chinese National Space Administration, they intend to carry out in 2027 together with Russia in order to establish a moon base together in the year 2030.

Notably China It has become the first nation to be able to identify water on the surface of the Earth. Moon thanks to its ‘Chang’e-5’ probe.

It is not surprising that this country is betting so much on the space boom, since it is also working on what would be the largest satellite put into orbit by man. A solar probe that aims to send energy to Earth. Do you know other technological projects that are being carried out in China?

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