China censors the ending of the movie Fight Club


Movie Fight Club finds itself in controversy after fans realize its ending was changed in China

Two decades after its release, the film The fight Club suffer censorship in China. Fans noticed that the tape end had been exchanged for a less violent one.

Several people noted that the version found on the Tencent Video streaming platform completely removes the ending chosen by David Fincher in 1999.

According to some local media, the film starring Brad Pitt Y Edward Norton was edited so that it could obtain the authorization of the Chinese authorities.

What is the original ending?

The movie The fight Club it culminates with the protagonist shooting himself in the cheek, killing his terrorist alter ego Tyler Durden.

Then his partner Marla, played by Helena Bonham Carterarrives on the scene and together they watch as explosives blow up a cluster of skyscrapers, all part of what was originally presented to the audience as Durden’s plan to destroy consumerism by wiping out the banks and debt records.

What ending did China present?

However, in the censored version of the The fight Club it ends with the protagonist shooting himself in the mouth. Then a text appears in English that says:

“Thanks to the clues provided by Tyler, the police quickly discovered the entire plan and arrested all the criminals. Successfully stopping Tyler’s plan of mass destruction”

The issue mentions that Tyler was sent to a psychiatric hospital, where he received treatment and was released in 2012.

The Chinese version of Fight Club is 12 minutes shorter than the original. So far it is unknown when the change was made, but it went viral last weekend.

Is censorship It generated great controversy because the anarchist and anti-capitalist message was transformed, making it a global success.

In the face of criticism, Tencent refused to comment on editing the movie Fight Club. Since the early 1990s, Chinese authorities have allowed only a few dozen foreign films to be screened in the country each year.

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