Cheap desk mounts to hold mobile phone

These accessories may have different designs and they are usually compatible with most smartphones on the market. In addition, they are usually accessories that have a very affordable price, so it is not necessary to make a large investment in them. Another thing is if we have a mobile compatible with wireless charging and we look for a support that has a base to charge the mobile, for example.

Among the different models of desktop mounts for the mobile, it should be noted that we can find them metal, plastic or even wood. The most used are usually the metallic ones due to their great resistance and stability, Although for tastes the colors. Other details to take into account is the height at which we want to have the mobile visible, if we want it to have space to pass the charging cable, if we need them to be extensible or mobiles to take photos or videos without having to hold them or if we want them to be as compact as possible so that they can be easily carried from one place to another. In any case, below we are going to show a compilation of desk mounts for mobile in which you will surely be able to find the one that best suits your needs.

Desktop mounts for mobile at the best price


Universal mobile support made of aluminum with hole for the charging cable. It has two rotating hinges that allow the mobile to be placed at the desired angle easily. A model that we can fold to take anywhere comfortably, since it takes up very little space. Made of very resistant material with rubber support arms for the mobile to protect the mobile from any scratches and a more stable grip. It also has a non-slip base and allows the mobile to be placed both vertically and horizontally.

UGREEN mobile support

OMOTON extendable

This OMOTON support offers universal compatibility and has a height adjustable arm so that we can place it at the level we want. It also allows adjustment of the inclination of the support itself to improve the display of the screen or avoid reflections. It has anti-scratch and non-slip pads for a better hold of the phone in the holder. The metal base is 8mm thick for added strength.

OMOTON mobile support


This desktop mobile stand is 90 cm long and offers up to 360 degree rotation. It has a clip with rubber inside to hold it on any table or shelf and a flexible arm that allows us to place the mobile at the desired height and position at all times. It has a non-slip mat and a guide to hold the charger cable when we have it charging to prevent the cable from hanging or entanglement with the support arm.

Tryone mobile support


Quite useful and elegant mobile support. It has a square base to offer great stability, a height adjustable arm and a mobile stand with adjustable inclination. The stem is made of aluminum alloy for greater strength, while the holder has a silicone pad for better support and protection against scratches. Offers universal compatibility.

Apiker mobile support


It is another model with wide compatibility and that offers great stability and resistance. It is made of 3mm thick aluminum, which makes it very strong and durable. It has silicone protection in the areas of greatest contact with the mobile to avoid scratching or falling and has a revolving hinge up to 270 degrees to adjust the angle of inclination of the mobile.

OMOTON mobile support


It is another desktop support for the mobile in aluminum of great resistance and durability that is also foldable. It has a very stable base and a hinged support that allows you to adjust the position and the angle of inclination of the phone to your liking. It has silicone pads to protect the phone from scratches and offer a better grip, as well as on the bottom of the base to prevent slipping of the support itself.

Nulaxy mobile support


Support with articulated arm that allows to regulate the height and inclination of the mobile to adapt it to our needs in a simple way at all times. Large base for better stability and non-slip pads and support with protections to avoid scratching the phone that also offers a hole for the charging cable and to be able to charge the mobile while we have it in the support.

IceFrog mobile support


This LONZOTH model is another gooseneck arm mount offering universal compatibility. The length of the arm is 90 cm, it has a clip-type grip with foam pad to attach it to the table or desk and a support base with four grips and protective pads against all kinds of scratches. It allows you to place the mobile at the desired height and position at any time very easily, as well as rotate it up to 360 degrees.

LONZOTH mobile holder


As is usual with AmazonBasics products, it is a simple but very useful support. It is made of aluminum, has a base that offers great stability and a secure support for the mobile that is also protected with rubber pads to avoid scratching the mobile. It also has a hole to pass the cable and have it charging while the phone is in the holder.

Amazon Basics mobile support


For those looking for something very basic and simple, we also find this support from AFUNTA. Specifically, it is a pack of six supports of different colors with a folding design that we can use to place the mobile both vertically and horizontally. It is made of highly resistant ABS material and has a rubber pad to protect the mobile from scratches and a better grip.

Support for the AFUNTA mobile

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