Cheap Apple AirPods headphones with gesture control

Therefore, today there are many models of wireless headphones that have an In-Ear form factor and that have a stick-like design to the purest AirPods at a much lower price. Models that bear an aesthetic resemblance very similar to those of Apple, but that in most cases do not offer the same sound quality as the Cupertino model. Of course, there are many models that perfectly meet the expectations and needs of most users.

In addition to the great aesthetic resemblance, there are other interesting functions to take into account when choosing Airpods-type wireless headphones. The quality of the sound, whether or not they have a Noise Cancellation, if they integrate microphone, the autonomy that they offer us with a single charge or if they offer certain touch controls.

This last detail is what we are going to focus on in this compilation that we show below. That is, we have made a large selection of headphone models that are they look aesthetically like Apple’s and that have touch or gesture controls. In this way, it will be possible to hang up or answer calls with a simple touch, skip songs, pause playback, etc. Here are some of the AirPods type bluetooth headphones with gesture controls more interesting and priced lower than the Apple model.

AirPods-style headphones with touch controls

Huawei FreeBuds Pro

The FreeBuds Pro headphones are a wireless bluetooth headphones with intelligent noise cancellation that are equipped with a system of three integrated microphones. These mics, in addition to allowing their use in hands-free mode, are responsible for blocking the noise around us to offer the best possible sound experience. Amazing sounding headphones with an autonomy of up to 36 hours on a full charge and that allow you to control certain functions with a simple touch, gesture or long press.

Huawei freebuds pro wireless headphones

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless 2S

This Xiaomi model is a Bluetooth headset with dual microphone, Bluetooth 5.0 connection and integrated optical sensors capable of detecting in real time and via infrared if we are wearing the headphones and pausing the playback if we take them off at some point. Its microphone allows us to use them in a hands-free mode and block the noise from our surroundings.

Xiaomi 2s Wireless Headphones

TicPods 2 Pro Plus

These TicPods 2 Pro Plus are True Wireless headphones with bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and dual microphone. One model that offers superior surround sound quality that supports high-fidelity protocols such as aptX and AAC. It has the Tickle function, patented by Mobvoi, which allows you to control the playback by touch on the headphones themselves. A double tap allows you to play or stop a song, hang up a call or activate voice assistants by long pressing.

TicPods 2 Pro Plus Wireless Headphones

TicPods 2 Pro

The TicPods 2 Pro also offer a touch control to move to the next song, hang up a call or activate virtual assistants. With a simple gesture of sliding your finger up or down we can increase or decrease the volume of the playback. They are headphones with noise cancellation, ergonomic design and water resistant and an autonomy of up to 20 hours.

TicPods 2 Pro Wireless Headphones

Huawei FreeBuds 3i

This Huawei model is a wireless headset with active noise cancellation and an ultra-fast bluetooth connection. They offer a very intuitive control when touching the headphones, they are ergonomically designed to offer a stable and comfortable grip and high quality sound thanks to their 10 mm drivers. They offer an autonomy of up to 3.5 hours and have fast charging.

huawei freebuds 3i wireless headphones

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless 2

AAC and LHDC compliant Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headphones for high-quality sound. They have an ergonomic design with an optimal fit so that they can be worn for many hours without having the feeling of wearing them. They are equipped with optical sensors that allow us to pause the music when we remove one of the headphones and offer a touch control so that with just a couple of touches we can access the control of the music, the flames or activate the voice assistants.

Xiaomi True wireless 2 wireless headphones


Wireless noise-canceling headphones with dual microphones enhance call clarity. They have Bluetooth 5.0, fast charging and come with different sized ear pads so that each user gets the best possible hold. These SoundPEATS Q headphones offer intelligent touch control to change tracks, adjust volume, handle calls or activate voice assistants without ever having to touch the phone.

Airpods SoundPEATS wireless headphones


These TaoTronics are equipped with 13mm drivers for powerful bass sound. They also have an ergonomic design similar to that of the AirPods themselves, which are comfortable to wear although they are not as easy to place. It is a model that offers water resistance, an autonomy of up to 25 hours and touch control so that with a simple touch we can go from song, pause, answer calls, etc.

TaoTronics Wireless Headphones

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless 2 Basic

This Xiaomi model offers wireless headphones each equipped with a high-sensitivity double microphone and that use beam-forming technology to block noise from our surroundings. Its low consumption chip means that we can enjoy them for 20 hours with a full charge. Its touch control allows us to play or pause the music, answer and hang up calls or activate the voice assistant with a few simple touches on the headphones.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless 2 Basic wireless headphones

Lenovo LP1 TWS

Although it is the cheapest model in this compilation, the Lenovo LP1 TWS are wireless headphones with bluetooth 5.0, ergonomic design, 12 hours of autonomy and resistance to sweat. The built-in microphones are also capable of reducing ambient noise to offer a better sound experience and how could it be otherwise, they offer control of certain functions with a simple touch without having to remove the mobile from your pocket.

Lenovo LP1 TW Headphones

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