characteristics and price in Spain

The panel offered by this device is called UltraGear, which ensures that you are going to enjoy very high quality images. In what has to do with the resolution offered by the screen of the model we are talking about, it must be said that this is 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels). Therefore, we are facing a device that will undoubtedly allow you to fully enjoy the most current titles, whether they are run on a computer or on the latest generation consoles.

Virtues to play of this LG 27GP950

Thanks to the use of technology Nano-IPS, this is a device is to fully enjoy games. An example is that the DCI-P3 color spectrum closes at 98%, which ensures that you will see all the graphics represented with the colors that the developers envisioned. In addition, in the frequency section this reaches the 144 Hz (And if you are one of those who like to force the machine to the maximum, you can abuse a bit and reach 160 Hz without endangering the monitor). The fact is that the fluidity of the images is excellent, something that is especially appreciated in action titles.

LG 27GP950 monitor rotated

But the good news of the new LG 27GP950 does not end here, since it must be noted that the response speed of the screen is only one millisecond. This ensures that you are going to have the best possible wearing experience and that nothing will affect the experience you have when using this accessory. It is also important to note that several technologies are included that aim to optimize everything that has to do with running games, and a couple of examples of this are AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync.

Good design on this accessory

With different options for adjusting its position -so that you always get the one that best adjusts to the place where you use the monitor-, it should also be noted that this is a model that has the option Sphere lighting. This is a backlit ring that can be custom configured and that can react depending on the effects that are achieved in the game. That is, you can draw attention to meet-ups if you propose to do so.

The new LG 27GP950 is also perfectly equipped in the connectivity section. We say this because it has everything that can be searched, since it includes both HDMI (2.1) as DisplayPort. In addition, it also integrates a USB hub It includes three ports in which you can use all kinds of accessories. Finally, it is also important to indicate that it has a headphone jack so that you can connect the ones you usually use in a comfortable and fast way.

Price of this new gaming monitor

From today you can buy this LG 27GP950 at Spain, something that we think is highly recommended especially if the intention you have is to use it with computers or consoles. And how much do you have to pay to get this complete gaming monitor? Well, as indicated, the price of this model amounts to 899 euros. The truth is that this accessory hits the market full of possibilities.

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