chan | The AI ​​doll to alleviate isolation from older adults

Ami-chan doll

The company Takary Tomy created the Ami-chan doll with which it seeks to reduce isolation in older adults during the Covid-19 pandemic

One of the problems that has been experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic is the isolation of the older adults. That is why the Ami-chan doll.

The Japanese toy company Takary Tomy created this device with Artificial intelligence so that they can converse and keep the elderly active and in this way alleviate the feeling of loneliness.

According to the developers, Ami-chan has a chip facial recognition or colors. In addition, AI allows you to develop your own personality.


The doll can express various reactions and initiate conversations according to the frequency of attention and the contact that the elderly person has with her.

The brain of Ami-chan It is located in the clasp of its weight, which has its chip installed and the system of Artificial intelligence.

The Takary Tomy company highlighted that the doll has the appearance and voice of a little girl, to pretend that she is a granddaughter and in this way be more friendly with older adults.

Ami-chan It also has calendar functions, so users can have conversations about the seasons, times of the year, and birthdays.


To keep its users active, the doll can sing, recite tongue twisters and can even propose healthy meals.

Ami-chan It was born after the increase in the demand for communication products among the elderly.

The doll has a size of 12 inches and was designed so that older adults can easily grasp it and thus be able to transport it.

Ami-chan It will launch in Japan on August 27, and the company expects to sell about 50,000 units a year.

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