CES 2022: Meet Petnow, an app that recognizes your puppy’s nose

The CES 2022 has already started. The most important technology and innovation event in the world in which the largest companies meet in Las Vegas to present their latest innovations. Products, services and applications that will help build a more connected world, such as Petnow, the first app that recognizes your puppy through its nose.

  Petnow, the first app that recognizes your puppy through its nose, presented during CES 2022.- Hello Telcel blog

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According to what was presented in the CES 2022, the application Petnow allows you to use your dog’s nose print to identify it if it is lost, instead of the famous implanted microchips. The app uses artificial intelligence to analyze each nose’s unique wrinkles, which remain unchanged over time, just like human fingerprints.

If your puppy gets lost, it will be easier to find him with Petnow

The best thing about Petnow is that it can be used for different dogs, regardless of breed, origin or size. Also, their goal is simple, to help owners find their dogs when they get lost, without worrying about whether the internal or external chips will be damaged or lost.

Puppy being registered in Petnow through the recognition of its nose - Hello Telcel blog

On the other hand, registration is very simple and in the application you can create an exclusive profile of your pet, with its characteristics and, of course, the biometric registration of its nose, which is possible thanks to the revolutionary Petnow AI. Not to mention, registration doesn’t need a subscription or chips.

“Our mission is to create a better world for people and their pets with dog noseprint recognition technology.”

It is unknown when Petnow will be available in all the world’s app stores, but it is expected to be soon, after being presented at CES 2022 as part of the most innovative products of the year.

Petnow is one of the most innovative apps of CES 2022, with which it will be easier to find lost dogs by identifying their noses.- Blog Hola Telcel

Meanwhile, you can visit the Petnow official website, from which you can already make a record of your pet, with data about your family, email and telephone, to create a community and avoid more homeless, lost or abandoned dogs.

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