CES 2021: Samsung reveals a system that will give new uses to your old cell phone

Within the framework of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021, the technology fair that will run until next Thursday, January 11, Samsung has announced “Galaxy Upcycling”, A system that proposes to give a new life to the cell phone that you no longer use.

Samsung presents a system to give new uses to old cell phones at ces 2021

Remember that if you are planning to renew your smartphone, in Telcel Online Store You will find the ideal equipment for you to debut this 2021 with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage. The best thing is that now with this Samsung strategy you will know what other uses to give your old cell phone.

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What is Galaxy Upcycling?

Some years ago, Samsung had already mentioned the bases of this initiative, but it is until this edition of CES that it has taken up the idea and named it: “Galaxy Upcycling at home”. The proposal is very practical, it consists in that if you have an old Galaxy cell phone at home, you turn it into a “home automation” device, that is, you integrate it into the intelligent automation of your home. For example:

  • A baby monitor
  • A device that detects changes in the lighting in a room or hallway and turns on the lights automatically.
  • A surveillance camera
  • A pet camera monitor that detects their movements when they are left alone.

It’s about giving a new life to smartphones that you will no longer use. Samsung will simplify reuse with a software update that lets you choose how to use your phone.

The release date of this update has not yet been confirmed, but we will certainly be very vigilant so that you are among the first to download it. What other use can you imagine that you could give your cell phone with this Samsung system?

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