CES 2021: New Samsung Robots Will Make Your Home Life Easier

He Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 has started and Samsung has been one of the first brands to surprise the world with its innovations that use artificial intelligence to understand context and make life at home much easier. Mainly now that with the “new normal” we spend more time in our homes, so Samsung wants to contribute to making this situation a comfortable experience.

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New robots from Samsung

“Our world looks different and many of you have faced a new reality, one in which, among other things, your home has become more important.” said Sebastian Seung, President and CEO of Samsung Research, introducing the brand’s new robots:

Smart cleaning

The new JetBot 90 AI + vacuum cleaner uses object recognition technology to identify and classify objects, for example avoiding cables and small objects, while cleaning every last corner. In addition, it is equipped with a camera! and integrates into the app with the SmartThings app to help you with monitoring.

new samsung vacuum cleaner at CES 2021
Screenshot CES 2021 – Samsung Image

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An assistant robot

This robot looks like something out of a science fiction movie! The Samsung Bot™ Care is designed with AI to recognize and respond to your behavior. It will be a great assistant and companion, it will learn your schedule and habits, and it will send you reminders so that you never forget something.

Will order your house for you

This robot is still in development but we got to know a little about it, the Samsung Bot™ Handy will rely on advanced artificial intelligence to recognize, collect and order objects of different sizes, shapes and weights throughout your home. So forget about picking up plates after dinner!

Among other surprises, it presented its new Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex smart refrigerator, with interchangeable panels of colors and materials and the 110-inch MICRO LED, a new screen with an almost bezel-less inorganic LED with four-way display, so that you can see several things at the same time.

There is no doubt that the future has reached us, can you imagine having one of these robots at home?

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