Cecotec Conga 3390 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner for only 269 euros

The specific model that we refer to and that we now find on offer is the Cecotec Conga 3390, a robot that, as we have indicated, is capable of vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing and mopping at the same time, since it has a mixed tank for solids and liquids. In addition, it is accompanied by the Jalisco brush, an innovative motorized brush made of two materials and that thanks to its millions of microfibers is capable of capturing the smallest particles such as beach sand, flour, mites, etc.

4-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This Conga 3390 has smart navigation iTech Laser 360, which allows the robot to scan and map our home and make a 360 degree recognition. So you can plan your route faster, more efficient and smarter. It also has the system MultiMap, capable of storing several different maps in the robot’s memory and with the technology Total Surface 2.0, which allows it to return to its base when it detects that it is running out of battery and once charged, continue cleaning at the exact point where it had left off.

Cecotec Conga 3390 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This robot is programmed with the system iWater with three electronically controlled scrub modes, High, perfect for a deeper scrub, Medium for daily scrubbing and Low, ideal for a more superficial scrub. Your technology VirtualVoice makes it possible for us to connect this Cecotec Conga 3390 robot to voice control virtual assistants such as Google and Alexa and it has its own app so that we can control the robot from the mobile phone and choose the desired cleaning mode, schedule cleaning, etc.

A complete robot vacuum cleaner with which we can manage up to 50 cleaning plans, selecting rooms and rooms to clean the space we want and when we want thanks to its innovative system Room Plan.

Big discount for the Cecotec Conga 3390

This Cecotec Conga 3390 has an official price of 615 euros, but thanks to the offer that we find at the moment on eBay, it is possible to get it at a price of so only 269 euros. The truth is that the offer appears an official price higher than that set by the manufacturer itself on its official website, therefore, it is convenient to have this reference price and not the one that appears in the offer. Without a doubt, one of the best robot vacuum cleaners that we find below 400 euros.

Cecotec Conga 3390 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Either way, the savings are incredible, since we can save up to 346 euros on the purchase of this model. An offer that includes free shipping and offers a delivery time of just three business days, so in just 72 hours we can start enjoying this robot vacuum cleaner.

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