Cecotec Conga 2290 robot vacuum cleaner on offer at the best price

Vacuum, scrub, sweep and mop

Now, it is also important to take into account the capabilities of each model and its price. To make things easier for you, we want to show you a model capable of mop, vacuum, mop and sweep at the same time that has a great suction power and that we can get now with an interesting offer.

The model in question is the Cecotec Conga 2290 Panoramic, a four-in-one vacuum robot that, as indicated, vacuums, sweeps, mops and scrubs at the same time to leave our floor clean and shiny. In addition, thanks to its Total Surface system, the robot is able to cover the entire surface intelligently.

It has its own mobile app from which we can control the cleaning mode. How much with 10 different modes, being able to even indicate to the robot which areas of the house we want it to clean or not. Thanks to your Memory control, this Cecotec Conga 2290 memorizes the route in order to find the fastest and most efficient cleaning route. In addition, if during the process it detects that it is running out of battery, it is able to return to the charging base and later resume cleaning at the exact point where it left off.

The system Virutal Map It will show us through the app the map of our house and the route that the robot will follow for the total cleaning of the surface. The Turbo mode is also important for cleaning carpets and it has a special brush to eliminate annoying pet hair. Its great suction power, 2700 Pa, helps to collect all kinds of dirt and particles on the floor with a great result.

Offer for the Cecotec Conga 2290 robot

The official price for this Cecotec Conga 2290 robot vacuum cleaner is 299 euros, a fairly tight price for the quality and performance of this model. Now, thanks to this offer from Amazon, it is possible save 50 euros on your purchase. And it is that the online shopping giant has applied a 17% discount on this model.

So we can buy it right now at the price of 249 euros. A product that also has free shipping for Amazon Prime customers and a delivery time of just one business day.

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