Cecotec Conga 1090 Connected robot vacuum cleaner for only 139.68 euros

4-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Habar by Cecotec is synonymous with guarantee, since the Conga family is one of the most popular and best valued by the users themselves. In addition, the manufacturer has a large catalog of robot vacuum cleaners, among which we find this Conga 1090 Connected. It is a robot vacuum cleaner capable of sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing and mopping, that is, a 4 in 1 robot With which we will surely be able to have the floor of our house always impeccable.

To do this, it has a 1,400 Pa suction power, intelligent scrubbing and it is one of the robot vacuum cleaners with a special brush for pets, which is why it is able to eliminate the annoying hairs that our hairs and cats leave on the floor of the whole house. As if that were not enough, it is compatible with the main virtual assistants, Google and Alexa, so it is possible to send you certain voice commands.

Robot vacuum cleaner Conga 109 app

This Cecotec Conga 1090 Connected is a model that offers up to six cleaning modes different, auto, edges, manual, spiral and return home. In addition, it has three levels of scrubbing to choose the one that best suits the surface that we are going to clean and allows cleaning to be scheduled seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

It has Itech Smart 2.0 technology to perform a smart navigation and that cleaning is as efficient as possible. Its battery offers up to 160 minutes of cleaning, however, if at any time the robot detects that it is low on battery, it will automatically return to the base to charge. Once recharged, it will resume cleaning right from where it left off.

The Bestfried Care system offers a special silicone brush to catch pet hair without producing tangles. It also has a turbo mode for the carpets, high-efficiency filters, two large-capacity tanks and remote control through its own mobile app.

Discount of 110 euros on the Conga 1090 Connected robot vacuum

The price of this Cecotec Conga 1090 Connected robot vacuum is 249 euros, but thanks to the offer that we now find on Amazon, it has been lowered to 139.68 euros. This supposes a savings of almost 110 euros over its original price.

Conga 1090 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner is sold and shipped by Amazon, offers a delivery time of one week and is a product in which Amazon Prime users can benefit from free shipping.

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