Cecotec Bongo Serie A Advance Connected electric scooter for € 358

Great power and safety

The famous manufacturer has an interesting catalog of products such as vacuum cleaners, cleaning or kitchen robots, but it also has an interesting section of electric scooters among which we find the Cecotec Bongo Serie A Advance Connected. A scooter with a very powerful 700 W motor that allows us to climb hills without any problem and that offers three riding modes.

The Eco mode It is designed for times when we do not need to go too fast and want to save battery, Comfort mode that combines the best performance with optimal battery consumption and Sport mode, which as its name suggests, allows you to get the maximum power and speed out of this Bongo Series A Advance Connected.

Cecotec bongo series A Advance Connected electric scooter

Any of these modes can be chosen from the on-board computer with which the scooter itself has on the handlebar, a place from which we can consult other important information about the scooter such as the status of the battery, configuration, cruising speed (optional), distance traveled, etc.

This Cecotec model is equipped with 8.5-inch rubeless wheels with anti-burst system and of great resistance. It has a triple braking system with disc, electric and manual rear brake added and allows us to travel up to 35 km on a single charge.

As its name suggests, it has a mobile app that we can link to the scooter and access all its data, status, level, configuration settings, etc. In addition, this Bongo Series A Advance Connected has a Mazinger system of foldable cuffs and frame to reduce space and be able to transport it from one place to another in the most comfortable way possible.

Offer for the Bongo Series A Advance Connected scooter

This Bongo Series A Advance Connected scooter from Cecotec has an official price of 748.33 euros on the manufacturer’s website, but the truth is that at Amazon we can get it for only 358 euros. As we can see, the previous price shown by the online shopping giant is higher than the official one because it was already reduced, thus achieving a saving of almost 400 euros.

Cecotec bongo series a advance connected scooter folded

Without a doubt, one of the best electric scooters at a price of about 350 euros. The product is in stock, is sold and shipped by Amazon with a delivery time of just one day, being able to receive it for free if we are Amazon Prime customers.

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