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In the next article we are going to take a look at CaveExpress. This is a 2D platformer with dozens of levels. During the game we will have to master our pedal flying machine to collect packages from customers who live in caves, and then leave them at the collection point. All this avoiding the different dangers that will appear on the screen. CaveExpress is written in JavaScript and C and is released under the GNU General Public License.

CaveExpress is a classic 2D platformer set in prehistoric times. You play as a character dressed as a caveman. Survival is essential, as the dinosaurs, mammoths and giant fish will want to kill you.

During the game we are going to control a flying machine powered by pedals and made of ropes, leaves and sticks. As an objective in all missions, we will have to collect the boxes and relocate them to a specific point. It seems simple, but a minimum of skill is needed to ensure that we can control the flying machine, without hitting the floor or ceiling of the cave with too much force. If you don’t succeed, your character’s health will be seriously damaged. The physics of the game is very well worked and will make things difficult for you.

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In addition to avoiding the beasts and making sure we don’t fall from too great a height, we will have to complete tasks that include the transport of packages and passengers. As colliding with the walls is inevitable that it happens in many cases, the health of the character will be diminished. Fortunately, in many missions we will find stones, which when dropped on the trees, will cause fruit to fall that will allow us to restore our character’s health a little.

General characteristics of CaveExpress

Caveexpress screen 3

  • The game features a multiplayer mode that allows up to 4 players work together to solve the maps.
  • Graphics are feature lots of detail, and stone age sound effects they add atmosphere to the game.
  • We will can create campaigns and maps with the map editor that comes integrated.

caveexpress editor

  • CaveExpress offers an original twist on the platformer. There are a good variety of objectives in addition to collecting boxes. Some levels require us to transport passengers, deliver something within a specific time frame, navigate through rocks, water, and much more.

game over caveexpress

  • It has a physics engine that will make things a little more difficult, to make the game more complicated.
  • CaveExpress is available for Gnu / Linux, Android, MacOSX, Windows and HTML5.
  • The code for this game can be found at GitHub.

Installing CaveExpress on Ubuntu

For Debian / Ubuntu systems there is a package available in the repositories. For this reason, installing this game is as simple as opening a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and executing the command in it:

install caveexpress

sudo apt install caveexpress

Once the installation is finished, to run the game we will only have to look for the launcher in our team.

caveexpress launcher

A quick look at the game

The main objective of CaveExpress is to collect the packages and leave them at the delivery point.

caveexpress screen 2

We will be able to obtain more points and stars the faster we manage to do the task entrusted. We will also be able to get some extra points when we stun a dinosaur.

Hitting the walls too hard could cause our flying machine to crash, which will make us have to start over.

Depending on the difficulty level you have chosen, you may need to reset the level if you lose the three lives available for each campaign.

caveexpress screen 1

We can transport several packages at the same time, but this will make controlling our flying machine quite complicated.

Place a stone near the collection point can help us when we try to put the package in its place.

To manage our character, we can use the arrow keys to control the character and the space bar to release the goods we collect.


For remove the game from our team we just need to open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and execute the command:

uninstall caveeexpress

sudo apt remove caveexpress; sudo apt autoremove

In the game you can find a tutorial with which to gain confidence to be able to play with guarantees. For more information about this game, users can consult the project website.

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