Cases, Sleeves and Carrying Bags for Xbox Series X and Series S

On the one hand, we can find covers that allow us simply protect what is the console itself for when we are going to be without using it for a long time or we want to transport it from one place to another, avoiding damaging or scratching the console. However, if what we want is to carry the console, controllers and other accessories, then it is best to choose a bag that is compatible with our console. For this, there are certain aspects or details to take into account.

  • Shape and capacity: As we have just mentioned, we must distinguish whether we want a cover to protect the console or a bag in which to store both the console and all the accessories necessary for its use. A cover should simply fit what the console itself is, while if what we want is a bag, we must check well the capacity and additional space to carry the controllers, cables and other accessories.
  • Material: The material from which the bag, briefcase or carrying case is made is also important. There is no doubt that our console will be more protected and secure in those models that are rigid, offering greater resistance to all kinds of shocks and falls. Although we can also find some fabric models, which can even offer water resistance.
  • Inside: The interior must be as padded and protected as possible, with separations for each of the items to be transported. In this way, we will avoid that everything goes loose inside the bag or briefcase and that these can rub and scratch while we transport them.
  • Budget: Without a doubt, the budget is one of the handicaps when choosing one model or another, but the truth is that we can choose between many models for a fairly affordable price.

Cases and bags for Xbox Series X | S at a good price

USA Gear

Console case compatible with Xbox Series XY and Series S made of highly resistant nylon and a highly padded interior with different compartments to store all kinds of accessories in an orderly way. The interior is customizable, has an exterior zippered pocket and has a handle to carry it in the hand and a strap to hang the bag on the shoulder and carry it comfortably. Great protection against all kinds of bumps and falls.

Bag for Xbox Series X | S USA Gear


Backpack compatible with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S with multiple storage compartments to transport the console and all accessories such as controllers, games, cables or headphones, among others, comfortably and safely. The entire bag is equipped with a highly resistant padded lining that allows it to absorb any type of impact. The material with which it is made is capable of absorbing moisture.

Xbox Series X Bag | S Enhance


Specially designed case for Xbox Series S that has compartments specially designed for the shape and size of the console, controllers and cables. This briefcase-type cover offers great resistance against any blow or fall, it has a removable interior and the capacity to carry everything we need to allow us to enjoy our favorite console and title wherever we go.

Bag for Xbox Series X | S Rlsoco

USA Gear Bag

Carrying bag compatible with all Xbox models with a padded shoulder strap and large storage capacity. The exterior is made of highly resistant and durable nylon, while the interior is reinforced and padded to offer great protection. It has enough space to carry the console, controllers, cables and many other accessories in an organized way. It has several compartments and pockets.

Bag for Xbox Series X | S USA Gear


Hard case compatible with the Xbox Series X console covered in three-layer Oxford cloth and EVA material to offer high quality, durability and protection. Ideal for transporting the console in a completely safe way, as it offers complete protection against all kinds of shocks and falls. The interior is equipped with padded linings and spaces designed to house the drivers and that everything is perfectly secured and organized.

Bag for Xbox Series X | S SHBC


Bag or travel case for the Xbox Series X console. Rigid briefcase covered with wear and water resistant Oxford cloth and a padded lining interior with reinforced corners and with a convex shape to avoid collisions and offer the maximum possible protection to our console . It allows you to store the Xbox Series X and its controllers in a fully organized way to take it where we want in a completely safe way.

Bag for Xbox Series X | S Bozitian


Rigid case to transport our Xbox Series S console. Made with a shockproof material that offers great cushioning to all types of impacts and that has a section for the console and two spaces for controls inside. To prevent the controls from moving, it has rubber bands that hold them and prevent them from moving or shifting inside the case.

Bag for Xbox Series X | S Zrshygs


In this case, we show a backpack specially designed to comfortably carry our Xbox Series X | S console from one place to another in complete safety. It has a main compartment for the console and side pockets for controls and other accessories. It has a zip and flap closure and two padded handles for greater comfort.

Bag for Xbox Series X | S Fancylande


Case or cover for Xbox Series X. It is made of a high quality material specially designed for the Xbox Series X and is very easy to install and remove. Designed to protect the console from dust, scratches and any blow in your daily use or even to carry it even more protected inside a transport bag or backpack along with other accessories.

Bag for Xbox Series X | S Green & rare


Case or cover for Xbox Series S with a soft lining on the inside and washable nylon on the outside that repels dust and water. Design with a perfect fit for the console that protects it from the typical scratches or scratches of the day to day and that allows us to carry it inside any bag with other accessories without damaging it.

Bag for Xbox Series X | S PlayVital

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