Capture your best love story with a new smartphone in a Telcel Plan

If you want to spend the best Valentine’s Day, then you’ve come to the right place, since Telcel has an incredible promotion for you in which you can launch a new team in a Telcel Max Unlimited Plan 5000. In addition, you will receive Double the Gigas and a monthly service charge of only $499 per month, always with #TelcelLaBestRed connectivity with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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It lives stories of love with an incredible smartphone in a Telcel Plan

MOTOROLA Edge 20 Pro 5G on a Telcel Plan at 24 payments of $647 per month

Considered the most powerful smartphone of the Motorola family, the new Motorola Edge 20 Pro It has an innovative set of cameras with a 108+16+8 megapixel sensor, with periscopic zoom capable of focusing from far distances and capturing the best photos. This camera system is complemented by its 6.67-inch screen, which allows you to smoothly display any multimedia content.

XIAOMI Mi 11 to 24 payments of $782 per month

The Xiaomi Mi 11 offers an immersive cinematic experience, with which you can capture your favorite moments thanks to its 108 megapixel camera, powered by studio-grade software for professional photos. In addition, it has incredible audio with dual speakers from Harman Kardon and its performance is exceptional, with a 4600 mAh battery and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor.

HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro at 42 payments of $762 per month

Its iconic design and smart technology are just some of the fascinating qualities of the Mate 40 Pro. It has a curved screen without frame, with which you experience your favorite multimedia content completely different and immersive. It has a prodigious 50 megapixel Ultra Vision circular camera, 20 megapixel Ultra Wide Angle cinema camera and 12 megapixel telephoto camera. No doubt the smartphone of your dreams, with a powerful battery that accompanies you at all times.

APPLE iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB at 24 payments of $1,120 per month

The new iPhone 13 ProMax It is everyone’s dream, as it has a much more powerful 12 megapixel camera system, with ultra wide angle, wide angle and telephoto. On the other hand, it has a screen with immediate response in each interaction and its battery life is one of the company’s greatest advances. Not to mention that it has a hardware technology that captures even more detail, super-intelligent software that unlocks new techniques for taking photos and videos, and a lightning-fast chip that makes it all possible.

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Do not think about it anymore, the opportunity to brand new and live the month of love accompanied by the best technology is here. Just choose your favorite Telcel team and capture your best moments of the year with it.

*Valid throughout the Mexican Republic except CDMX, State of Mexico, Hidalgo and Morelos

Terms and conditions: 1. The 24-month deferral applies only to the Initial Payment of the equipment. The Initial Payment is the partial amount of the equipment that the user must cover at the time of contracting or renewing, which may vary depending on the equipment and the minimum contract term chosen by the user. The Initial Payment of the equipment will be deferred in 24 monthly payments charged to the Telcel invoice when contracting in a Telcel Max Unlimited Plan subject to a minimum contract term of 24 months. A down payment of up to 60% may be requested depending on the Client’s credit and/or payment history. The deferred payment is subject to approval and evaluation of payment capacity. 1) The amount of $647 for MOTOROLA Edge 20 Pro 5G equipment, the amount of $782 for XIAOMI Mi 11 equipment, the amount of $762 for HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro equipment or the amount of $1,120 for APPLE iPhone 13 Pro Max equipment of 128GB corresponds to the monthly charge when the Client requests the financing of the Initial Payment (considering a 10% down payment and 15% financing) when contracting a Telcel Max Unlimited 5000 Plan subject to a minimum contract term of 24 months. 2. Applies to new users who hire or active users who renew their mandatory term. The Gigabytes (GB) granted by promotion will be applied on a monthly basis during the entire mandatory term or during the first 12 months in the free term. At the end of the mandatory term or 12 months, the user will only have the GB originally included in the plan. The GB included in the plan can be used while in Mexico, USA or Canada. Browsing the Internet in the US or Canada will depend on the capacity and technology offered by the foreign operator. Subject to the Sin Frontera Services Use Policy available for consultation at Not combinable with other promotions that grant GB as a gift. Valid throughout the Mexican Republic except Mexico City, State of Mexico, Hidalgo and Morelos, through participating Telcel Customer Service Centers and Authorized Distributors from January 20 to 26, 2022. The published prices include 16% VAT. Information at, Telcel Customer Service Centers and Authorized Distributors. THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES OFFERED BY TELCEL ARE PROVIDED BASED ON THE CURRENT GUIDELINES THAT ESTABLISH THE QUALITY INDEXES AND PARAMETERS TO WHICH MOBILE SERVICE PROVIDERS MUST SUBJECT. Public Registry of Telecommunications Folios: 131378, 131379, 131383, 131384, 131385, 131388, 131389, 169799, 16980, 169801, 169803, 169804, 169807, 169808, 169809, 169810, 169811, 174702, 214315 and 214329 The MOTOROLA Edge 20 Pro 5G device comes ready to work connected to a 5G mobile phone network, which requires a compatible service plan and corresponding 5G network coverage, which may or may not exist in the country where the device is used. The device is not compatible with all 5G networks. This feature may require an OTA update, which will be released once 5G technology is enabled by the service provider. NETWORK TECHNOLOGY NOT YET AVAILABLE IN MEXICO.

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